Buy Robershaw gas valve

A gas valve is a tool or apparatus, which controls gases like liquid propane as well natural gas. are used for a number of applications. These are available in a large number of inlet, outlet ports, sizes flows and pressure ratings. These may made of plastic like chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinyl, or metallic elements like bronze, brass, steel, copper, iron, aluminum. Robertshaw include the following in the 7000 series:

7000LC Hydraulic Actuated Valve

•Most popular Hydraulic Snap-Action part is 710-205

•Add “S” to Factory Part for Snap-Action ie. 7000SRLC

7000LC 24 Volt Actuated Valve

•Most popular Uni-Line part is 710-402, Factory Part 7000-ERLC

7000LC Millivolt Actuated Valve

7500 Series Valve

•Designed for:

–OEM Replacements

–Smaller Locations

•Incorporates the following:

–Manual Valve

–Pilot Valve

–Main Pressure Regulator:

–Field Convertible without additional components

•Applications include:

–Central Heating Units

–Wall Heaters

–Hearth Fireplaces

Robertshaw Accessories include:




Pilot Parts

•Order 1820 Series with Left of Right flame pattern type

•Pilot Uni-Kits are with or without Thermopile pre-mounted

Thermocouple Parts

•The 1980 series offers easy installation into most pilot burners

•Uses Snap-Fit technology

•Last digits of part number refers to various lengths:

1980-012 is 12 inches

1980-072 is 72 inches

Thermopile Parts

The 1950 series thermopiles have two lead wire connections and are primarily used in HVAC applications. The 1951 coaxial series used mostly on Commercial Cooking applications

Robertshaw Low Profile Heating are designed for applications with limited space. These are ideal for use with recreational vehicles, wall furnaces and space heaters. They include manual valve, automatic pilot safety valve, pilot outlet, pilot filter and pilot adjusting key. They operate at a maximum ambient temperature of 175°F. include 3-position outlets and can be mounted in any position except upside down.

The metering has the reproducible precision flow rates. In these a full flow range of interchangeable electro polished 316 S/S flow pins. The metering has the helium mass spectrometer leak tight. Solenoid are widely used throughout the chemical processing industries. However, selecting the best for a given application can be difficult. Flow rate, a critical parameter for selection, can be calculated using various approaches. However, many of these methods are imprecise or yield non-dimensional results.,

Complicating the situation is the fact that there is no single industry-accepted method for calculating flow rates for solenoid valves. Some solenoid manufacturers experiment with multiple formulas to determine which one will result in the most favorable- looking values for their propane valves. This practice can confuse end users, wasting time and money and compromising safety and efficiency when the wrongly lp is specified. It is important to point out that in chemical processing applications, solenoid typically do not handle the medium directly. In many cases, the acts as a safety shutoff device for a larger system. Performance in this capacity is critical. A might be in the system but unused for long periods of time, even up to a year. When it is called upon to shut down the system, it must act immediately and predictably.

A few notable attributes of Robertshaw manufacturing are US based engineering, US based technical services, space & central, residential water, hearth products, pilot, thermocouple and ignition Controls.

Robertshaw Controls Company is recalling about 425,000 Robertshaw because they present a fire hazard. If the pilot light goes out, the could stick in an open position, permitting to continue to flow. This can result in a explosion and fire, which could result in severe personal injury or property damage. At HVAC PLUS, we have a wide selection of Robertshaw available for you, all in one convenient location. Browse our site to find all your HVAC needs from a variety of manufacturers at unbeatable prices.