Buy Replacement Honeywell Zone Valve

Honeywell are among the top most in the HVAC market and are a part of the control gamut of HVAC products . along with other manufacturers like Taco, White Rogers and Erie make the best and have the majority of the market share.
s are separate areas in a heating system heating different parts of your home. Basically for every thermostat you have you will have a . If you have four thermostats in your home you should have four on the boiler. Most run on 24 volts. There is a 24 volt transformer some place near or on your boiler that powers the .

When heat is required the thermostat adjusts and this sends power to the , the opens and inside the is an end switch. When the is opened this switch tells the aquastat relay that you are calling for heat it send power to the pump and the pump sends the hot water through the pipes to your base board or radiators and the required heat is generated.

Honeywell manufactures different types of :

  • 2-Way
    Models under this category include V8043E1004, V8043F1028, V8043E1012, V8043F1036, V8043E1020, V8043F1051, V8043E1061, V8043B1027, 802360JA ( replacement motor).
  • 3-Way
    Models under this category include V8044E1011, VCZMS6100/U & VC8714ZZ11/U

Also makes other models like V4043A,B,E,J and V8043A,B,E,F,J motorized and provide 2-position, straight through control of water and steam. V4044A,B and V8044A,B,E motorized and provide 2-position diverting control of water. These motorized from have very compact construction for easy installation and has a manual opener for operation on power failure. The returns to automatic position when power is restored. These models can be installed without disassembling the . These are not for use in systems containing dissolved oxygen.

There are some of the most commonly used in the industry. These are designed for hydronic heating systems. ON-OFF and two-way low voltage consist of an actuator and assembly for controlling the flow of hot water and some models for steam. control the flow of water to a specific in a hydronic heating system.

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