Buy Replacement Honeywell Modutrol Motor

Honeywell Modutrol IV Series 61 and Series 62 are threewire spring return and non-spring return floating control . These if used with controllers can provide a floating output to operate dampers or valves. Series 62 additionally has an internal electrically isolated feedback potentiometer that provides indication of the motor shaft position and can be used for slaving Series 90 or rebalancing an external control circuit.The IV Series 61 and Series 62 has an oil-immersed motor and gear train for reliable performance and long life. Its junction box provides NEMA 3 weather protection.

form a core part of the product line and help the company satisfy a variety of needs. Damper are used in residential or commercial equipment.

Honeywell's M9161, M9164, M9171, M9174 IV are used to operate valves or dampers in electric modulating circuits. These are reversing, proportional . These also have oil immersed motor and gear train for reliable performance and long life.

The Series 72 IV accept a current or voltage signal from an electronic controller to position a damper or valve at any point between open and closed and are used to control dampers and valves.

The Series 90 IV are spring return and non-spring return modulating proportional control . These can be used to operates dampers and valves along with controllers that provide a Series 90 output. The motor and circuitry operate from 24 Vac. These models are available with factory installed transformer or a field-added internal transformer.

Other IV from include M6281, M6284, M6294 . These are 3-wire floating control with an internal, electrically isolated feedback potentiometer. Other models from are 63-1160 - M9182, M9183, M9185, M9186 IV

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