Buy Replacement Honeywell Ignitor

Honeywell Ignitors are necessary and are used popularly in the market to properly start most furnaces, forced heat systems, and stove systems. are used to deliver solutions to boilers, furnaces, burners, dryers, and other heat sources in ignition. makes different types of and sensors. In the category, makes spark . makes the Q347 spark . are a part of the ignition solutions.

The Q347A1004 and Q347A1012 from are Spark Sensors with style D mounting bracket and is used to produce spark for direct ignition of main burner. It comes with Kanthal electrode with ceramic insulator.

The Q652B1014 is a Solid State Spark Generator used to ignite gas burners in commercial and industrial applications. This has the advantage of being lightweight. It comes with single high voltage electrode for gas applications. It if for use only in interrupted ignition applications.

In general there are several types of like furnace , forced heater , for pellet stove systems, gas etc. Furnace create a flame in the system’s start up mode. Forced heater light the fuel burned in a furnace, which releases heat energy to air circulating through it. Pellet stove light up the fuel. For maimum efficiency, the fuel and air can then be adjusted. Gas igniters are used to light all fuels.

The Q3400A -Flame Rod Assembly is used for Gas Valves. The Q3400A -Flame rod assembly replaces the -flame rod assembly in the Q3450, Q3620 and Q3480.

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