Buy Replacement Honeywell Ignition

Honeywell have always been major players in the ignition market. One of the areas where Honeywell has been focussing on is in the area of universal replacement for existing products. Universal replacements provide various advantages to dealers and technicians. They reduce the inventory that must be carried or stocked and also reduce the number of controls that the technicians will have to learn. Fewer controls mean more familiarity and confidence for the technicians which in turn means faster and easier installations.

One of Honeywell's products S8610U Electronic Control module was made as a universal replacement module for single and dual rod intermittent pilot ignition modules. One of the key characteristics of the Honeywell S8610U that allows it to be an universal replacement is its unique continuous retry sequence which provides safe control for systems using natural gas or LPG.

Honeywell VR8345M4302 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve for use with direct spark ignition, hot surface or intermittent pilot ignition. It come with 2 Simple Adapters to Convert Between IP and HSI/DSI Applications and replaces more than 100 Standard-opening IP, HSI or DSI Valve.

The S8910U replaces existing flame rectification type hot surface modules which are 120 Vac, Single rod (local sense) or dual rod (remote sense), One or three trials per call for heat and use Natural or LP gas. The S8910U Universal Hot Surface Module replaces more than 100 Honeywell, White-Rodgers and Robertshaw hot surface modules.

Honeywell makes a wide range of products related to ignition. Some of them include:

  • S9200U1000 Integrated Furnace Control
  • VR8345H4555 Dual Ignition/Intermittent pilot Gas Valve
  • VR8300H2109 24 Vac Dual Standing Pilot Gas Valve
  • VR8305Q4500 2-Stage Dual Direct Gas Valve
  • VR8305P4279 24 Vac Dual Direct Gas Valve
  • VR8305M2102 24 Vac Dual Direct Gas Valve
  • VR8200C1041 24 Vac Dual Standing Pilot Gas Valve
  • S8610U3009 Intermittent Pilot Control

The oil burner control controls the oil burner sequence of operation. When the thermostat is adjusted for heat, the oil burner control starts the burner blower. This is internally connected to the oil pump. The blower blows air into the combustion chamber and the oil pump pumps oil to the burners oil nozzle. A cad cell eye detects the flame and signals the oil burner control that everything is fine and the flame can continue burning. Until the thermostat is adjusted to stop the heat, the oil burner will continue to produce a flame.

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