Buy Replacement Honeywell Gas Valve Industrial

Honeywell are used to handle and control the flow of eous media such as liquefied petroleum and natural and are made of metal or plastic. are used in various industries like aerospace, agricultural, automotive, commercial, construction, cryogenics, fire service, food service, or flood control applications. High-purity are used to handle es such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Specialized from are also used in oil and production, the pulp and paper industry, and power generation.

Honeywell company makes the following types of industrial :

  • Safety Shut-off
    Safety shutoff V5055 and V5097 used with V4055, V4062 and V9055 fluid power actuators to control flow to commercial and industrial burners.
  • Integrated Valve Train
    makes Integrated Valve Train Pipe Adapter models like 32000109-001 to 32000109-010, 32001605-001 to 006.

Honeywell's V5055 industrial are single-seated, normally closed and are suitable for service requiring tight shutoff. V5055 can be used with natural or liquefied petroleum (LP) es. V5055D,E are used for high pressure applications.

The V5097A-E are also used with natural or liquefied petroleum (LP) es. The V5097 normally closed are rated for final shutoff service (safety shutoff). The V5097A,C,D,E are for on-off service. The V5097D,E are used for high pressure applications.

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