Buy Replacement Honeywell Diaphragm

Honeywell Diaphragm is similar to pinch , but use an elastomeric , instead of an elastomeric liner in the body, to separate the flow stream from the closure element. are excellent for controlling the flow of fluids containing suspended solids and offer the flexibility of being installed in any position. These type ofare used across industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, and water treatment.

Diaphragm are extremely clean, and can form a leak-proof seal for tight shut-off. The design provides for easy maintenance and repair as it can be replaced without disturbing the piping line. The only limitation if any would be the material of the used. are available in weir type and straight through types. Both types provide a streamlined path for fluid flow that yields minimal pressure drop across the . Wherever the flow direction changes within the system, the straight type would be a better option. For tough corrosive and abrasive services, the weir design is a good option.

Company manufactures Solenoid that are solenoid-operated suitable for LP, natural, and manufactured gases. The applications are typically in the areas of atmospheric boilers, commercial water heaters, and rooftop heaters. makes models like V48A2151, V48A2169, V48A2177, V48A2185, V48A2227, V48A2243, V48A2250, V48A2268, V48A2276, V48A2334, V48A2342, V88A1618, V88A1626, V88A1634, V88A1659, V88A1667, V88A1675, V88A1683, V88A1691, V88A1709, V88A1717, V88A1725.

They makes the V48J, V88J series High Temperature Gas like V48J1005, V48J1013, V48J1021, V48J1039, V88J1006, V88J1022. V4943B,N/8943B,C,N are Single-stage Pressure Regulating and are used on boilers, unit heaters, duct furnaces, makeup air and rooftop heaters.

V4944B,L,N/8944B,C,L,N are Two-stage Pressure Regulating Gas and are used on boilers, unit heaters, duct furnaces, makeup air and rooftop heaters.

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