Buy Replacement Honeywell Defrost Controller

Honeywell company manufactured Tuscan Plus controller combines the Tuscan universal refrigeration controller, the display and up to 5 temperature probes.Tuscan Plus has been developed as a single control package to monitor and control a wide range of Mechanical Valve (TEV) or Electronic Valve (EEV) cases and coldrooms. It is used to control and monitor high temperature and low temperature cases and coldrooms. It also provides coldroom door / plant fault monitoring. Tuscan provides electric, gas or off-cycle mode. The Tuscan plus is very user friendly and provides a hand held device for parameter setting. There are various applications like in refrigerated cases & coldrooms, food retailers, food processing factories, distribution Warehouses etc.

Also has the ICON series controllers to measure, display and control the temperature and lighting of refrigerated cases and coldrooms. The ICON 100 and 300 series are the popular series from .

The ST74A1053 Low Voltage Time/Temperature Controller with 10 minutes time on and 50/70/90 time off is a low voltage time/temperature controller for heat pumps. It has a moisture-protective board coating. The cycle is reset by remote contact closure. This model mounts in outdoor section of heat pump.

Demand controller is a type of controller that uses temperature measurements taken at the point of the discharge air curtain and the inlet of the air return to determine the need for . A is initiated if the difference between the temperatures measured exceeds a pre-set limit. A is also initiated if the elapsed time is more than a pre-set maximum time between s. Termination of a can also be done based on time and/or temperature. The demand controller can also control display case temperature and can be applied to independently control multiple display case circuits.

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