Buy Replacement Honeywell Defrost

Honeywell defrost controllers have applications in different areas like:

  • Refrigerated Cases & Coldrooms
  • Food Retailers
  • Food Processing Factories
  • Distribution Warehouses

The Icon 100 Series Refrigeration measure, display and control the temperature of refrigeration cases and coldrooms. The Icon 100 Series can read temperatures from up to two thermistor probes (thermostat and probes), and have relay outputs for compressor, defrost, fan and alarm.

The Icon 300 Series measure, display and control the temperature and lighting of refrigerated cases and coldrooms. They operate with air-on, air-off and evaporator probes, and has up to six relay outputs (alarm, auxiliary, light, compressor, and fan). The Icon 300 comes in 3 different models - Icon 343C – 4 relays, fast-on spade terminals, Icon 363C – 6 relays, fast-on spade terminals, Icon 363CS – 6 relays, screw terminals. The Icon have Genus Network communication protocol as standard which allows logging onto a Genus® network for remote alarm monitoring and control.

The ST74A1053 Low Voltage Time/Temperature Controller with 10 minutes time on and 50/70/90 time off is a low voltage time/temperature controller for heat pumps. It has a moisture-protective board coating. The cycle is reset by remote contact closure. This model mounts in outdoor section of heat pump.

At the heart of a fully networked refrigeration plant, HVAC and BMS system is the PCVisor. It provides a fully integrated data monitoring system and displays the information in an easy to use menu driven graphical format. The timer facility permits sequential control of up to 100 channels, thus encouraging an even spread of energy consumption over any 24 hour period.

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