Buy Replacement Honeywell Contactors

Honeywell offers a complete array of to meet all your HVAC applications. These have been designed to exceed industry safety and lifecycle standards, provide reliable service at a affordable price, day in and day out. has well over fifty years of experience in . Each contactor undergoes a rigorous qualifying process during which they are subjected to numerous manufacturing and failure modes.

The company makes residential in the form of Powerpro and the economy family of . These have a long life and better value. The durable and strong PowerPRO models meet the ARI 780/790 standard that requires 500,000 cycles of mechanical life, 200,000 cycles of electrical life and 10,000 cycles of recycle life. The Economy are used for less demanding applications, Honeywell’s Economy line offers a portfolio of cost-effective DP .

Honeywell's DP series definite purpose has a push-to-test button to prevent accidental operation. Based on the model it comes in three terminal styles—box lug, binding head screws or sems clamp. The DP's low profile design on most models allows more wiring room.

Honeywell's Economy family of meets ARI-790 Standard, at stated ratings (500,000 cycle mechanical life, 100,000 cycle electrical life, and 1000 cycle recycle life). Moisture proof epoxy is used to encapsulate the 3-pole (75A through 120A) coils.

are electromagnetically-operated definite purpose which provide switching for starting induction motors. makes different models like:

  • DP1025
  • DP1030 Economy
  • DP1030 Deluxe
  • DP1040
  • DP2020
  • DP2030 Economy
  • DP2030 Deluxe
  • DP2040 Economy
  • DP2040 Deluxe
  • DP3025
  • DP3030
  • DP3040
  • DP3050
  • DP3060
  • DP3075
  • DP3090
  • DP3120
  • DP4040
  • R8246

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