Buy Replacement Honeywell Commercial Thermostat

The Honeywell thermostat product line consists of standard pre-set temperature , single-pole, single-throw hermetic and non-hermetic , subminiature and thermal switches. are used across industries and in commercial aircraft and medical industries. makes a range of Redi-temp which are used for low volume applications where standard configurations are fine. also makes precision which are used across industries. programmable and non programmable are very popular in the HVAC market.

In the commercial section, makes for automotive needs, appliances, office equipments, smoke detectors and other heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipments. makes Phenolic like the 2450R, 2450HR, 2455R, Ceramic like 2450RC, 2450RCH, 2455RC, Manual Reset like 2455RM, 2450CM, Overmolded Automatic Reset like 2455RBV, Heat Detection like 2450A, 2455RA, One-shot like 2450R, 2455R, 2450RC, 2455RC.

The TB8220 Commercial VisionPRO 8000 Touchscreen Programmable is an easy to use programmable that provides universal system compatibility, precise comfort control and is easy to customize. The TB8220 provides temperature control for gas, oil, electric and heat pumps for up to 3 heat, 2 cool systems. It provides a large, clear display with backlight to show the current and set temperature and time even in the dark.

The T7300 and Q7300 2008 subbase work with commercial single-zone heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for precise environmental control. For multi-stage systems the Q7300 2057 can be used. Seven-day programming features settings for occupied and unoccupied periods. "Intelligent Recovery" automatically determines the optimal start time based on your building's load. The T7300 requires no batteries and features permanent memory storage which ensures the settings are there even when the power fails. 's T7300F-2010 Programmable can be used for for single-stage and multi-stage applications.

The T7350H1017 Programmable Commercial controls 24 Vac commercial single-zone multistage conventional, heat pump and modulating HVAC equipment. It also provides remote access and the sharing of clock, schedule, setpoints. Individual heat and cool setpoints are available for occupied and not occupied periods.

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