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HVAC Plus presents this great facility to all the consumers for replacement of DX coils. The DX coil replacement is possible at Supplier as well as manufacturer. These DX replacement coils provide the products along with desired equipment and thus give the best results as compared to any other DX coils that are presently available. In a direct expansion coil unit, the cooling medium, or refrigerant, evaporates while it flows through the tubes. Direct expansion may also signify an evaporator with an expansion device other than a low-side float. Direct expansion coils are designed to meet a wide range of temperatures, from HVAC to sub-zero freezing applications. Circuiting is matched to compressor requirements, and evaporator coil face can be split or interlaced to meet specific need. The difference between a DX coil and a chilled coil is that the refrigerant can't be propelled through the M.P.T. connection and the header arrangement so you have to substitute a distributor in the place of the connection. Connected to the distributor is spaghetti tubing which supplies the tubes. Besides this, chilled water and DX coils are the same. The average life of a coil is about 15 years, so you will eventually need to purchase replacement DX coils. You need to answer the following questions to make up your mind about replacing DX coils: Are you constantly repairing and patching your DX coils? Do you need replacement DX coils to stop the harassment and loss of your time? Order over the phone or by fax machine. We will give you fast and accurate delivery of the Coil Specs of your replacement DX coils. You can e-mail or fax us with questions about any replacement coils. Get the DX coil replacement with all assurance and quality services from dealer, supplier and the manufacturer of the HVAC Plus.

When you need replacement DX coils, HVAC Plus can provide exactly what you need. We have the ability to meet all consumer needs for Trane or Heatcraft DX coil replacements. We can make the replacement directly or through the manufacturer. With the DX coils we make available, you can repair any equipment and be assured of achieving the results you desire. We also supply any equipment and replacement parts that are needed in addition to the DX coils. These DX coils meet or exceed the specifications of any product on the market.

The role of the direct expansion (DX) coil is essential to the functioning of the air conditioning unit. The cooling agent, the refrigerant, flows through the tubes, allowing a process of evaporation. Some direct expansion units also utilize an evaporator that serves as an alternative to a low-side float. The correct choice of direct expansion coils allows operation in applications over a broad range of temperatures, including normal HVAC down to temperatures of sub-zero.

Compressor requirements determine the circuitry of the selected DX coil. To achieve specific needs and applications, the evaporator coil face is split or interlaced as the application dictates. A primary difference between a chilled coil device and the direct expansion coil is how the refrigerant is propelled through the M.P.T. connection and header arrangement. As it cannot be directly propelled, a distributor is substituted in the place of the connection.

The distributor then has spaghetti tubing connected to supply the tubes. Other than this distinction in propelling the refrigerant, chilled water systems and those using DX coils operate the same. With the average life of a DX coil speced at roughly 15 years, replacement DX coils are needed for most systems during their lifetime. This reality means that any decision concerning a replacement direct expansion coil should address these questions. First, has constant maintenance to patch and repair the DX coils been necessary? Secondly, have these problems with the DX coils been a source of lost time and maintenance headaches?

The answers to these questions show the importance of quality replacement DX coils. You can order those quality replacements from HVAC over the phone, online, or by fax request. You receive fast, accurate delivery from HVAV of DX coils that fit your specific replacement specifications.

Call or email today with any questions you have about DX coil replacements. Our guarantee of quality and service provides the replacements you need and can trust.