Buy Replacement Damper Honeywell Motor

The Honeywell models M4182, M4185, M4186, M8175, M8182 and M8185 Modutrol IV Motors are two-position spring return Modutrol Motors. They are used to operate dampers or valves in applications where it is necessary or desirable to have the controlled element return to the starting position in the event of power failure or interruption. M8175 replaces M865. Other models replace M445 and M845.
Features of these models include Oil immersed motor and gear train for reliable performance and long life, wiring box that provides NEMA 3 weather protection, quick-connect terminals standard—screw terminal adapter available, Die-cast aluminum housing, TRADELINE motor has field adjustable stroke (90° to 160°).

The M7215 Damper Motors from the company provide 25 lb-in. torque with spring return and 2-10 Vdc modulating control of economizer systems, ventilation dampers and combustion air dampers used in residential or commercial HVAC equipment. The M7215 Damper Motors provide modulating control of economizer dampers from a 2-10 Vdc controller, quiet, high efficiency drive motor, High impact glass-fiber reinforced plastic case is rugged, lightweight and corrosion resistant. This motor provides 2-10 Vdc output signal proportional to the shaft position.

M436A/M836A, B Damper Motors are spring return (SR) motors used for residential and light commercial applications in Series 40 and Series 80 circuits. Some features of this damper motor are they provide two-position zone control, used to operate outdoor air dampers for combustion or makeup air, changeover dampers for heating and cooling systems, minimum position dampers for ventilation and similar applications. The damper motors M436 need 120 or 240 Vac, 60 Hz power while the M836 Damper Motors require 24 Vac, 60 Hz power. The models are supplied with a case and cover and have spring returns motor to start position in event of power interruption or failure. M436A and M836A come equipped with thermal breaker for overload protection during lifting stroke or when motor stalls.

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