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Honeywell's Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system has been developed for appliances with an automatic ignition system like Sanitary Hot Water Units. The have been designed to have the S4565/S4575/S4585 series ignition (see boiler electronics) attached directly to the valve. The combined system then provides programmed safe light up, flame supervision and regulation of flow to the main burner and/of pilot burner of the appliance. The automatic comprises a standard body to which a range of features can be included to give various functional options. These options include servo pressure regulation, throttle valve regulation, fully adjustable softlite, /air 1:1 or amplified and electrical high-low or modulating to fulfil the complete range of applications.

The V5474 from is a non-electric multifunctional combination with mechanical modulation and on-off thermostat for temperature regulation of fired heating appliances. The V5474 provides together with a pilot burner and thermocouple fully automatic of domestic space heaters, water heaters and catering equipment. The V5474 is suitable for all es and provides modern design and easy single knob operation.

Honeywell Compact Automatic is used in a system context in conjunction with either a direct spark ignition (DSI), intermittent pilot (IP) of Hot Surface Ignition module and associated devices to provide programmed safe light-up and supervision of the main burner of an appliance.

Honeywell Compact is a type of which are servo-operating combination and comprise a pilotstat, an operator and a straight line servo pressure regulator or throttle. The Compact combination can provide fully automatic of a combi boiler when used in conjunction with a pilot burner, thermocouple and room or boiler thermostat.

Honeywell valves are used to handle and the flow of eous media such as liquefied petroleum and natural . They are made of plastic or metal and vary in terms of valve size, pressure rating, number of ports, and flow. Connection types consist of bolt flanges, clamp flanges, union connections, tube fittings, socket welds, and internal or external threads. valves have different applications and are used in industries like aerospace, agricultural, automotive, commercial, construction, cryogenic, fire service, food service etc.

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