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The Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) Universal Integrated Control(UIFC) gives universal compatibility by way of a complete set of wiring harnesses adapters to simplify installation. The UIFC features innovative, robust diagnostics that make installation and troubleshooting very easy. This control has a VisionPRO IAQ touchscreen. Instead of trying to get a similar replacement for , the Universal Integrated is a better bet. In short this is the only control you need for residential natural or liquid propane fuelled s.

Company manufactured Universal Integrated are EnviraCOM - enabled, so you can set up local or remote monitoring and diagnostic systems. Universal Integrated feature universal wiring harnesses that give you the flexibility you need. This control replaces many Integrated including White Rodgers models like 50T50-730, 50T35-743, 50A55-120, 50A55-286, 50A55-438,50A55-474, 50A55-571, 50A55-843, 50A50-143, 50A50-286,50A50-438, 50A50-209, 50A50-230, 50A55-241 and many others from Rheem/Robertshaw, Texas Instruments, Goodman etc.

Being a major manufacturer of for HVAC also makes several gas ignition. researchers and engineers first introduced a way of sensing a flame other than the thermocouple or thermopile and was soon adapted by other manufacturers once the technology was proven safe and more efficient than other methods including the standing pilot which utilized the thermocouple and the thermopile to prove a flame. also introduced the Flame rectification method which did not require a flame 24/7.

ST9120U1003 Universal Control Board for Gas s monitors the thermostat for heating, cooling and runs the induced Draft Blower Motor and Circulating Fan. It also monitors limit Switches and energizes ignition control.

L4064W1106 combination fan and limit control is used for control of high limit and fan motor in all types of forced air heating systems. Three wiring terminal options available for easy installation adapt to many competitive mounting holes in replacement applications. L4064B, W models have manual fan switch that overrides fan control to keep fan running continuously.

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