Buy Replacement Coils

HVAC Plus offers best Replacement chiller coils. Replacement chiller coils are required when modifications are being done to the building that will reduce cooling loads, such as lighting retrofits, glazing replacement, or other upgrades.

To meet the terms with refrigerant phase-out requirements it is best to buy replacement chiller coils to replace older chillers. If your existing equipment is more than ten years old then think about replacement chiller coils. New replacement chiller coils can be 30-40% more economical than the older ones. Energy performance and cost are the main components while considering replacement chiller coils, but refrigerant fluid may also be a factor. Therefore, if aging equipment is letting you down, consider improved operating efficiencies, environmental benefits and energy savings from upgrading to today’s technology.

We carry a whole range of chillers from all major manufacturers. The HVAC Plus products are best in the market and give the best performance. The replacement chiller coils are easily available at all HVAC Plus products suppliers along with its required accessories. HVAC coil chiller replacement can be done with its repair parts and these replacement parts are easily available at the manufacturer outlet.

Our solutions are designed to improve your outcome and increase the value of your property. Plus, our customized cost/benefit analysis reporting will prove supportive. We can also assist with a variety of innovative financing options to overcome scarce capital or budget limitations.

In large buildings up to 35% of the building's electrical energy is consumed by the equipment used to produce chilled water for HVAC units. Sometimes replacement chiller coils can be the most cost effective choice in the long run. The part-load efficiencies should be compared when taking into consideration the replacement chiller coil types.

As known to most facilities and maintenance engineers know, proper maintenance of chiller and condensing units is critical to efficient and trouble-free operation. But most chillers and condensing units are situated in low-traffic locations and are out of sight (i.e., behind buildings, hidden behind walls, on rooftops, etc.) and the coil-cleaning portion of the maintenance process is an unpleasant and time-consuming task.

In certain circumstances in which the maintenance department is busy or understaffed, coil cleaning is likely to be deferred beyond the time when maintenance is required by the equipment with a higher operating compressor head pressure, reduced cooling capacity, increased kw draw coupled with a reduction in cooling tonnage capacity, and longer running units. It leads to coil failures and thus there is a great need for replacement chiller coils.


HVAC Plus supplies the best replacement chiller coils in the industry. If you're doing modifications to the building that reduce cooling loads, resizing the chiller coil to meet the new demand may be needed. It can be a cost-saving move to install low-heat lighting, upgrade windows and add insulation. When you do, a smaller chiller coil will give you the cooling capacity you need. With efficiency increases of 30% to 40% in new chiller coils, you'll reduce your cooling costs even more. Cutting energy consumption by that amount will produce large savings, since up to 35% of the electricity used in large buildings is consumed by commercial chillers.

If you're expanding your facility and don't want to add a second system, you may need a larger chiller coil to meet the higher demand. Either way, you can buy replacement chiller coils at HVAC Plus that will meet the required specifications of your system.

The new refrigerant rules are another reason to buy replacement chiller coils. With improved, ecofriendly refrigerants now mandated, replacement may be the right answer. If your coil has been in use for ten or more years, replacing it now and switching refrigerants before your system requires major repairs can be a cost-effective solution.

To keep your commercial or industrial chiller working at maximum efficiency and durability, keep it maintained according to manufacturer guidelines. Make sure the task of cleaning the coil is done as scheduled. It's a tedious job, but without it, the system is likely to suffer mechanical failure and run inefficiently. Both possibilities create very expensive results.

When you shop for replacement chiller coils at HVAC Plus, you'll find the right coil for your system. We work with the top manufacturers in the industry to bring our customers quality, efficiency and low prices. You can also order accessories such as motors and controls from us to complete the replacement of a chiller coil. We've got the right coils and parts for most commercial and industrial chillers used in office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels and a wide range of other applications.

The professionals at HVAC Plus can help you design the right system for your demands. We'll help with a cost/benefit analysis of your various choices. Financing options may also be available to you. Contact HVAC Plus today about your need for replacement chiller coils. We can help you save money while getting the right coil and parts to keep your chiller running efficiently and durably in the years ahead.