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s are switches that are controlled by another electrical circuit for opening and closing. switches have many applications in the areas of HVAC system management, as circuit breakers, damper actuators and time delay functions. There are various types of s available in the market depending on the application area for the switch. Some of the popular types of s switches are reed , machine tool , polarized , protective and solid state . Protective s can provide safety for the electrical equipment that has risk of getting damaged from high power surges or sudden dip in the current. Solid state s are those switches that do not contain any electromechanical parts and are operated with a low voltage signal. Solid state switches have an easily viewable action with help of the LED display and these switches can be used in controlling the heater applications and the equipment that uses motors in it. HVAC products can benefit from the switches as these offer trouble free and economical operation.

There are various on/off and changeover switches, valves in all sizes and for all applications, controllers, solid state s and control panels that allow for auto and manual change over capability for low and high pressure control of air or liquid. Here are some top equipment companies that manufacture s.

We stock pneumatic and industrial grade to regulate and maintain HVAC systems and components. Quality temperature control is achieved with wall and unit mounted thermostats. Microprocessors, circuit breakers and boards, damper actuators and defrost timers allow for constant system management.