Buy refrigerator thermostat

Some defrost systems use a refrigerator repair thermostat (a bi-metal switch) to prevent from overheating. The switch is normally closed. During a defrost cycle, causes the metal alloy in the switch to warm and as it does it curls back and breaks the circuit. As the metal cools, it makes a circuit again and starts heating again (as long as the defrost timer is in the defrost cycle). A defective can prevent from coming on or allow it to overheat which could result in heat damage or fire. Simply plug the refrigerator into the refrigerator and then plug the into the wall, then unwind the temperature probe and secure it somewhere inside the refrigerator. Just turn the dial on the to adjust your refrigerator or freezer from 20 - 8o degrees Fahrenheit. Guard limits unwanted access to your and prevents changes due to accidental bumping. Each Guard is constructed of high-impact plastic or metal and uses an 8-tumbler locking mechanism. Air conditioner thermostats provide a wide variety of controls designed specifically for refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, water cooler, dehumidifier, and other appliance applications. Guard locking Ultra-clear chemical and UV-resistant acrylic resin cover and base resist yellowing. Secure, tumbler type key lock; key removable only in locked position. Double-wall barrier in ring base blocks tampering tools, yet allows air circulation. Ring base mounts directly over existing thermostat; no removal required. Meets or exceeds UL pry test and impact test standards.