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Copeland Corporation was founded in 1921 by the famous entrepreneur, Michigan inventor Edmund Copeland. It has been a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company since 1986. The corporation is a pioneer in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry and is the world’s leading manufacturer of .

Copeland produces electronics and many other products for commercial refrigeration, and residential and commercial air conditioning applications worldwide. It also offers a series of new HFC products to support chlorine-free systems, including products designed to work with R-134a, R-407C, and R-410A refrigerants. The company also provides a range of displacements for residential and commercial air conditioning. operates its manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

are used in many commercial and industrial units due to their superb performance. Corporation is known for manufacturing , air conditioning components, condensing units, and many more. The company has more then 10,000 operation centers located in many continents. The Semi Hermetic is one of their best selling products. Other types of from the company include the following:




•Single Screw

•Twin Screw

•Industrial refrigeration

• Single screw



•Discus with CoreSense

•Discus semi-hermetic

•Discus Digital with CoreSense


•K semi-hermetic

•Discus & Reed Valve Style Semi-Hermetic

•DWM Semi-hermetic

•ZF Scroll

There are many available for . The more popular specific like pistons, crankshafts and rods, valve plates, sleeve, cushion plates, piston rings, spring plates, reeds, and connecting rods are all readily available from Plus, your ultimate supplier.

Other types of Semi Hermetic models include the following: ER, NR, MR, 4R, 6R, 8R, 9R, 2D, 4D, 6D, 8D, 3D, 3A ; EA ; KA ; LA ; 44D, 44R, 66D, 66R Tandem ; Semi-Hermetic Screw ; Original D Line Models (D4SA-2000, D4SH-2500, D6SH-3500, D6SJ-4000); ER, NR, MR, 4R, 6R, 8R, 9R ; LW, 9W, MW water-cooled ; and MD, 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D, 8D .

A few other models within the line include 2DA, 2DB, 2DC, 2DD, 2DF, 2DL, 3AB, 3AH, 3AJ, 3DA, 3DB, 3DE, 3DF, 3DG, 3DH, 3DJ, 3DK, 3DL, 3DP, 3DR, 3DS, 3DT, 3RA, 3RK, 4DA, 4DB, 4DC, 4DE, 4DH, 4DJ, 4DK, 4DL, 4DN, 4DP, 4DR, 4DS, 4DS, 4RA, 4RE, 4RH, 4RJ, 4RK, 4RL, 4RR, 6DB, 6DC, 6DD, 6DE, 6DF, 6DG, 6DH, 6DJ, 6DK, 6DL, 6DM, 6DN, 6DP, 6DR, 6DS, 6DT, 6DW, 6DY, 6RA, 6RB, 6RE, 6RF, 6RH, 6RJ, 6RK, 6RL, 6RN, 6RP, 6RR, 6RS, 6RT, 6TM, 8DP, 8DS, 8RP, 8RS, 9DA, 9DB, 9DF, 9DP, 9DS, 9DT, 9R BLUE RIBBON, 9RA, 9RB, 9RC, 9RJ, 9RP, 9RS, 9RT, 9RY, 9RZ, 9TH, 9TK, 9TL, 9WA, 9WB, 9WC, 9WJ, EAA, EAB, EAC, EAD, EAJ, EAL, EAV, ERA, ERC, ERF, ERJ, HAF, HAG, HAJ, HAK, HAT, KAA, KAE, KAG, KAH, KAJ, KAK, KAL, KAM, KAN, KAT, KSL, LAC, LAH, LAL, LAM, LSG, LWC, LWH, LWL, LWM, MDA, MDB, MRA, MRB, MRC, MRF, MRG, MRH, MRJ, MRP, MWF, NRA, NRB, NRD, NRL, NRM and NRN.

Semi-hermetic are the right technology for today and tomorrow. technology is all set to usher in revolutionary changes. The newer models will incorporate more durable materials, improved component designs, and advanced fabrication techniques. These modifications will be made to improve performance, efficiency, and increase control so that gas reserves can be developed and harnessed more economically. The semi-hermetic line already incorporates forms and functionalities that let you harness these benefits.

In a semi-hermetic , even though the motor and the are housed within a welded unit, they can nevertheless be accessed through access plates that remain bolted. Below is a list of the various types of from Copeland.




















Also available on that list of popular are Bearings, Crankcase Heaters, Crankcase Heaters and Sleeves, Gaskets and Gasket Kits, Metal Gaskets, Module, Oil Screens and Suction Screens, Piston , Pressure Relief Valves, Terminal Blocks, Terminal Components, Thrust Spacers (Washers), Valve Plate Components, Valve Plate Kits, Valve Plate Washers, Valve Plates (Bare), and Valve Reeds.

There is a vast list of semi hermetic series available and the list of the most common types are ZR, ZRT, ZZ, RR1, CR, 4R, 6R, 9R, NR, MR, SCH, SCA, BR, KA, H2BG and the H2NG series. All series are considered top of the line and in the case of the ZR series, features outstanding reliability, fewer moving , compliance feature that offers unprecedented liquid handing capability, internal protection of motor from high temps and high current, very low noise/gas pulsation, simplified system design, unique unload start feature that requires no start capacitors/relay, and high heat pump capacity.

Semi Hermetic offer a wide range of invaluable features like lessened changes of refrigerant leakage, less chances of shaft penetration, Provision of Capacity Stages and prolonged motor life.

Finding for yourSemi Hermetic is as simple as ever with the help of Plus. The Plus website is a one stop shop for all your replacement needs, like Valve Reed - Suction Circular Reed for 3D; Terminal Insulating Block for 3D; Connecting Rod for Blue Ribbon 9R, 3D; Terminal for 2D, 3D, 9R, L, MR, and NR Models; Valve Plate (Bare) for 3D Models, Disc Type; PTFE Coated Motor Side Bearing (Std. Size) for Models 4D/6D, 4R/6R; Gasket Kit for 4D Models; Crankcase heater 100W/120V; Babbitt Coated Crankcase Side Bearing (.020 Size) for Models 4D/6D, 4R/6R; Piston Pin for 4D, 6D, 4R, 6R (2-1/2" Bore); Piston Ring – Compression; Thrust Spacer (Washer) Copper 4 Groove for 4D, 6D, 4R, 6R; Head Gasket (Standard) for 4D, 6D, 8D Models; Head Gasket (Unloader) for 4D, 6D, 8D models; DWM Semi-hermetic for R22 /R502; DWM Semi-hermetic for R22; and DWM DK/DL for R22.

When you need for your , whether for repair work or scheduled maintenance, make sure to check out are engineered for long-term service and maximum performance.

With Copeland, you can be assured of getting the engineering design and special construction features that only they can offer. Select surfaces are shot-peened for added strength; mating faces are lapped for greater efficiency; many are ultrasonically inspected for 100% reliability; the steels used are of special alloys for durable performance; exacting tolerances are measured in light bands rather than in thousandths of inches. These are all special features that are important to dependable performance.

Like a fine-tuned watch, all the in a are designed and manufactured to work together for optimum performance. guarantees that all their will match your original dimensionally, metallurgically, and thermally for maximum efficiency. Many component are interchangeable among various model sizes. Repair inventory can therefore be minimized without creating problems.

are excellent for commercial refrigerators and residential air conditioning applications. They are very efficient and reduce power consumption significantly. These are designed to optimize in order to reduce environmental damage. Installing and operating is very easy but it is advisable to take prerequisite training to avoid any form of mishap or mishandling. If you are planning to install a in a residential unit then it is recommendable to hire a technician to put in thefor you.

are very suitable for commercial refrigeration and AC applications. It is good to evaluate whether your specs call for first before beginning any installations. PLUS offers you an extensive range of and other quality by Corporation. It is the ultimate destination for all types of equipment, , and solutions. We provide secure online shopping and a 33% discount on every product that you buy. PLUS is a leading supplier of , condensing units and electronics.

Their are engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. They allow the integration of new and environmentally-friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels.

Corporation is internationally acclaimed for technological innovation, manufacturing excellence, quality products and superior service. They provide excellent solutions to the commercial and industrial builder. Their website, is a beneficial tool for customers and extremely helpful. The website's "Contractor Connection" portion features the latest news and market updates. There are also separate sections for air conditioning, refrigeration, and natural gas, as well as information on training, an FAQ page, and a site map.