Buy Ranco: Thermostats

With over one century of experience in the industry, the Ranco Company has emerged as one of the most prestigious components, tools, accessories and systems manufacturer. They has especially made a stand in heating and cooling control, although their main focus was in commercial systems, mainly in commercial refrigeration ones. Other control products coming from them include control , reverse , gas , boiler controls, electric temperature controls and .

Their use state of the art technology that reveal them as top class in the industry. A is a device that is used for controlling and measuring temperatures, containing metallic mercury in an ampoule that is attached to a bimetal sensing element. The actuated device regulates and controls dampers, , switches and other components of your system. The is designed to automatically response to temperature changes and can be set up to apply different temperature settings in different zones of your household or building (the that have this ability are called zoning ).

The are easy to install and configure by yourself, due to their intuitive and simple user interface, but in case you are not confident in your skills as an electrician or if you simply don’t want to take the installation process to your own hands, you can also call a professional engineering team to do it for you. The offer a large variety of configurations and performances, which might seem too complex at first, especially if you have not worked with before. If you are not to technical and simply want to get your installed, it is for the best if you call in a professional team instead of setting it up yourself. This way you will not be held responsible if the fails or it breaks, in case your warranty expired (although if you buy it directly from Ranco or Plus, you will get a long warranty with your ).

Any way you choose to install it, the will most likely save you a lot of money on your utility bill, if used correctly. You will be able to save up on energy, by programming the to reduce temperature adjustment while you are away, or while you are sleeping and then program it to return to full-power once you get up in the morning, or once you come back home. If you choose a Ranco zoning , you will be able to program 2, 3 or 4 zones of temperatures (or even more zones if the model permits it, but 4 is usually standard for these household zoning ), depending on your needs. You will be able to make it chillier in the living room for a comfortable read of the newspaper during a summer day, rise the temperature up a notch in the kids’ room so they don’t catch a cold and maybe create a nice atmosphere in the office room, so you can concentrate on your paperwork.

The most common Ranco series are the L and K series. The L series includes the following models: L7, LM7 and the LM8 models. The L series is a family of fixed setting temperature limit controllers that have a failsafe and ergonomic design. A first major difference between the models is that whilst the LM7 and LM8 have manual reset options, the L7 is auto reset, meaning you won’t have to worry about resetting the yourself. The operating temperature levels are factory set, thus you won’t be able to adjust them, the settings ranging between 50 and 160 °C degrees. The capillary lengths range from 450 to 2000 millimeters, with a 1000 mm standard. Another difference between the models from the Ranco L series is that the L7 and LM7 are SPST models (single pole single throw), while the LM8 is DPST (dual pole single throw).

The K series are used in temperature control systems all over the world, finding appliance in domestic and commercial refrigeration systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems and heating applications. The K series are designed for use in any kind of environment and space, their compact size letting you install them wherever you see fit, regardless of the available room. Some of the most common K series models include the: K22, K36, K50 K55 and the K61 models.

The K22 is a basic cycling control device that uses a single pole, dual throw switch. It has a compact and modern design that fits with most household appliance, the color range consisting of neutral colors like white, gray or beige. The SPDT switch can either be 6A standard or 16A high rated and it has rear outlet terminals for a better functionality. The typical applications in which the K22 is used are heat pumps, air conditioning systems, ice makers and condenser fan control systems.

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