Buy Ranco Thermostat Controls

Ranco is the world's number one supplier of reversing valve technology for heat pumps and offers general use and custom-designed microprocessor-based controllers for a variety of HVAC applications. Ranco works with other manufacturers to add quality features to their products, and follows that up with superb customer service and support. Ranco’s electronic controllers and reversing valves are widely used in heating and air conditioning units in commercial building all over the world, and the company has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration market for over 50 years. Some of the other products Ranco offers include thermostat controls, ignition controls, check valves, humidistats, and air conditioning controllers. In short, for all of your commercial HVAC needs, Ranco is the place to go.

The family of products that Ranco makes is very large and among some of that we can enumerate:

The VN series is a range of check valves designed to permit refrigerant flow within a refrigeration system in one direction only. According to type and specification some of the VN valves are “ball” valves and some are “needle” valves.

The G60/63 range of pressure cut-outs is designed to protect refrigeration systems against critical conditions by setting high or low pressure limits. The G60 low pressure cut-out protects the compressor against low suction pressures where there is a danger of liquid refrigerant entering the compressor and causing damage. The G63 high pressure cut-out protects the system against excessive discharge pressure which can be dangerous and cause expensive equipment damage.

The Ranco thermostats of the K Series are used all over the world to control temperature in commercial and domestic refrigeration, air conditioning and heating.

Ranco.com offers high-tech solutions for heat pumps, air conditioning, and other HVAC-related applications. A subsidiary of Invensys, their website is at http://www.climate-eu.invensys.com/icceuserver_ukeu/Ranco.asp. The site offers a good description of what Ranco.com specializes in, as well as an overview of their product line, which includes air conditioning controllers, thermostats, pressure controls, humidistats, reversing valves, and check valves. There are also links to other companies in the Invensys family. If you have commercial heating and air conditioning needs, Ranco.com is the place to go – they’re online at http://www.climate-eu.invensys.com/icceuserver_ukeu/Ranco.asp.