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The Ranco Company is one of the most successful manufacturers of HVAC systems in the world, offering quality services for over 50 years, to home, commercial and industrial HVAC contractors, technicians and home users. As a subsidiary of the Invensys Company,they have achieved the status of being industry leader in many HVAC related departments. One market that Ranco has earned outstanding acclaims in, is the temperature control market. Ranco ETC’s are well known for their excellent reliability and the advanced technology they use have made them top of the line products.

The ETC is a microprocessor based Electronic Temperature Controller, which is specifically designed to offer control over heating and cooling HVAC applications. The ETC finds its use in applications such as chillers, research laboratories, aquariums, hydroponics, pools, educational applications or scientific measurement operations.

Other interesting features provided by the ETC series, include: a remote sensor that can be used of up to 400 feet away from the target, a SPDT output relay, a simple 4-step keypad programming system, the ability to change temperatures from either Fahrenheit or Celsius, a wide range of operation of up to –30 to 220 Fahrenheit degrees, a lockout switch that can prevent the tampering of the ETC by unauthorized personnel, a differential adjustment setting of 1 up to 30 F and a NEMA 1, plastic enclosure that protects it from corrosive elements and water. Its small dimensions make it ideal to use in a large number of narrow environments. The ETC’s dimensions are as follows: 7.9 x 1.8 x 1 inches (175 x 41 x 23 millimeters).

The ETC series’ Liquid Crystal Display monitor (LCD) provides a comfortable and easy to read backlit display, which shows a lot of variables and a constant readout of the temperature. Ergonomics and comfortability are at top standards, a touch keypad allowing you to easily and accurately set heating and cooling modes of operation, set point temperature and set point range.

Here’s a simple review of the ETC series, pointing out each section of the temperature controller’s features:

LCD Monitor and Digital Display

With many electronic temperature control systems, configuring, installing and setup of the actual device is extremely difficult and complex and for someone that is less technical about these controllers, programming it can be a real pain. Unlike these controllers, the ETC is quite simple to install, configure and program, due to its excellent digital display and the keypad that comes with the device. You can change all sorts of variables from the keypad, such as Set point temperature, differential and mode of operation (heating or cooling). The LCD monitor is so not overwhelmed with information like with other electronic temperature control systems and it provides good visibility even in low light areas.

Stage Models and Inter-stage Temperatures

Their electronic temperature controllers may include both one and two stage models. On the two stage ETC’s, each of the stages can be set up independently from each other, therefore eliminating the unpleasant task of manually calculating inter-stage temperatures. The ETC two stage models can be set up with overlapping heating or cooling stages for a better configuration.

Remote Temperature Sensing

One of the coolest features of the ETC series is the capability to remotely sense temperature levels. The remote electronic temperature sensing feature provides a maximum range of 400 feet if you are using a standard 22-gauge sensor wire. This option is a great time saver and can get you to measure temperatures in places you couldn’t normally get, or you would have a hard time accessing. The remote sensing ability makes the Ranco ETC an essential device especially for scientists and researchers.

Safety Features

All Ranco ETC models are equipped with programs that diagnostic and check for software, system or hardware problems and automatically send them to the display, which interprets them in different error codes that indicate where the problem occurred. This is a great feature that will dramatically reduce debugging of your system and it will eliminate the time you usually spent on simply figuring out what and where the problem is.

Another safety feature provided by the Ranco ETC is the keypad lockout switch, which allows you to lock the keypad in case unauthorized personnel or other people might want to mess with it. The switch is located inside the plastic enclosure capsule and it can simply be used to disable the keypad’s functions completely, after which you can lock the ETC and stop worrying that anyone else will try tampering with the control settings.

Other Features

ETC models are available with a 0 to 10 volt analog output, which can be utilized with the purpose of remote temperature indication or as input to a central monitoring system, if you are connected to one. Another important feature of the ETC series is that it has a wide temperature range (-30F to 220F), compared to other electronic temperature controllers. The range can also be configurable with differential adjustments of 1F up to 30F degrees. The controller is available in one or two stage models, as explained above and it accepts 120/208 and 240 volt input.

Last but not least, a critical feature of the their electronic temperature control models is that they hold an EEPROM memory component that automatically stores settings made to the controller, proving extremely helpful in the case of a power outage or a crisis override of the power source. This way, you won’t loose any of the settings and configurations you specified and when the power comes back up, everything will be set to normal values (specified values). When the power comes back on, the time delay protects equipment from simultaneous restarts, so the system doesn’t go completely offline even for a second.

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The Ranco ETC Series electronic temperature controls are the preferred choice of contractors and technicians throughout the industry. They feature durable construction, precise temperature control and reliable performance in a wide range of applications. The ETC microprocessor is a proven tool for switching 120 volts and amp ratings up to 16 amps. The Ranco ETC is a universal controller that can be used with many different brands of HVAC equipment. You can buy Ranco electronic temperature control systems right here at HVAC Plus. We've got the complete selection, and our prices are the best you'll find anywhere.

Key Features of Ranco Electronic Temperature Controls

Most Ranco ETC units come pre-wired, though you can buy the units separately and add your own power cord and output cord. Most Ranco ETC models offer a wide temperature set point. The range is -30°F-220°F to suit both air conditioning and heating applications. The differential range for starting and stopping a cycle can be as little as 1°F or as large as 30°F.

The versatility of the Ranco electronic temperature controls is seen in the range of input voltages they work with. Use them with 120, 208 or 240 VAC. At 120V, the full load is 16/5.8 amps and the horsepower is ¼. At 208V and 240V, the full load is 8/2.9 amps and the horsepower is ¼. The sensor is a reliable thermistor that comes with its own 8' cable. These units work in ambient temperatures from -20°F-140°F and humidity levels up to 95% RH. The durable body of each Ranco ETC is NEMA-rated.

Common Ranco ETC Models for Use in the HVAC Industry

You can buy Ranco electronic temperature control systems in a range of models to fit the exact specifications required. Here are some of the best-selling Ranco electronic temperature control models.

Ranco ETC-111000-000: This is a single-stage digital controller.

Ranco ETC-111100-000: This single-stage, digital controller features 0-10V DC output.

Ranco ETC-112000-000: This is a single-stage, digital controller that uses 24V power.

Ranco ETC-141000-000: This digital model has NEMA 4 design.

Ranco ETC-211000-000: This two-stage controller offers universal application.

Ranco TC-212100-000: This digital controller operates on 24V with 0-10V output.

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