Buy pneumatic valve actuator

A pneumatic valve actuator transfers energy in the form of comprised air into mechanical action. One type of these devices is the electric rotary actuator. This acts by driving other pieces rotationally through a motor. It directs the components to multiple position stops during strokes while supplying control. The motion that the electric rotary actuator produces is either a continuous rotation or a facilitation of precise torque that results in rotation.

The piece that facilitates rotation for the electric actuator can be a table or a circular shaft. A rotary table supplies a bolt pattern for connecting the other elements. It integrates load bearings and the mounting face. On the other hand, a circular shaft produces a rotating motion and may commonly have grooves.

Pneumatic Electric Rotary Valve Actuator Features

Electric rotary actuators can be adjusted using screws. However, there are other devices that have electric rotary actuators with valve angles that can be regulated through angular strokes on both ends. The pneumatic valve actuator provides machines with several features. This includes magnetic valves that are readable with a switch and cushioning for smooth stops. It can also contain potentiometers and encoders that provide position response.

Depending on the device, the pneumatic valve actuator can have single or double shafts. The dimensions should be assessed to determine compatibility with the machine. The table height or shaft length should be checked. This is measured from the actuator's body. The table and shaft diameter should also be assessed. However, the actuator body is not included in the table thickness and height.

Uses of Electric Rotary Actuators

HVAC rotary pneumatic valve actuators are widely used in many different devices. An actuator can have different sizes, operating speeds and power. It can be used for industrial and commercial applications such as pumps, chillers and air handlers.

Pneumatic rotary actuators are ideal for heating and cooling systems. These pieces can be used in repairing broken air filters, heaters, boilers, fan coils, oil furnaces and more. The parts can be used for air conditioning systems for both homes and businesses. These can be placed in small devices and large machines.

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