Buy Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

These True pneumatic solenoid are direct acting. They have an upper and lower diaphragm separating the liquid from opposing springs. They are constructed of Geon PVC with Viton or EPDM diaphragms. External fasteners are stainless steel (no metals in wetted area). Available in 1/4" and 1/2", the THP has a CV rating at .31 with a 1/8" orifice, .52 with a 3/16 orifice, and .61 with a 1/4" orifice. performs to 1,000,000 cycles with EPDM diaphragms (Viton diaphragms perform to 100,000 on Series THP). After 1,000,000 cycles (100,000 for Viton), we recommend that the be disassembled and inspected. It is also recommended to replace the elastomer seals and u-cups at this point. Contact your distributor for a seal kit. For heavy use applications, you may wish to order a spare seal kit with the . Seal replacement takes but a few minutes with common tools no special training is required. In the 3 HVAC way the Body is Cast Aluminum but the steel Poppets and Seats are enclosed in a steel sleeve. All materials are compatible with Turbine Engine Fuel, Diesel Oil and Gasoline. The3 way solenoid is designed to take advantage of 14 to 30 VDC opening Voltage and to securely hold the in place with only 8 VDC, a feature required to conserve power and to minimize heat. The stainless steelsolenoid provides both relieving and checking functions. It is isolated in the line from Lines to Port #3. The Poppet and Relief employs an entrapped "O" ring as the seal. Total stroke of the is .021 inches. The opening and closing response times are therefore quite low, on the order of 20 ms or less. The Solenoid has a 30 ohm resistance at 76 degrees F and draws 1.36 amps at -70 degrees F. All "wetted" surfaces are either Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Nickel Plated for corrosion protection. All the working and services are provided by the HVAC and the HVAC service are best in its working as it has the longer life and durability.