Furnas Controls

Furnas Controls

HVAC PLUS and our HVAC products from Furnas

Here you can find an all-inclusive range of HVAC parts and products from the world-leading manufacturer named Furnas. Furnas HVAC parts and products are industry-leader in terms of design and overall engineering. Whether you need to replace parts of your Furnas air conditioning, heating and cooling systems or get a new Furnas equipment, HVAC PLUS makes the wisest choice to consider. Discover our lately loaded Furnas HVAC products and see for your fit. We are sure you will end up admiring our selection plus pocket-friendly pricing.

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Items 1 to 10 of 1543 total

HVAC parts and products from Furnas, by us

Furnas is a world-leader in designing and engineering heating/cooling and replacement units for the Furnas equipment or machineries. Their products are designed for commercial and industrial applications both. There is a dire need of energy-efficiency and cost-cutting when you are into production of heavy-duty, mainstream products. You will want your machineries to perform longer and cost you lower. Furnas HVAC parts and products are designed with all these factors in mind.

Followings are the product categories, this manufacturer has always been into - air conditioning systems, furnaces, heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems and heat pumps. Other than these, the manufacturer also specializes in producing electric motor controls, electric brakes and clutches, belts, electric enclosures, sprockets, sheaves, chain and all types of mechanical power transmission machineries. Furnas has excelled at quality over the years.

HVAC motor control parts from Furnas Electric Company perform a vital role in the markets of heating and cooling systems. Controls parts from this manufacturer have proven to be durable and efficient. Engineers from different industrial verticals intend to rely on Furnas HVAC products. The market, of course, has countless of HVAC brand choices to offer, but you will want the one that is of the same brand as the equipment and that ensured same level or improved performance and energy efficiency.

Furnas designs and manufactures varied types, kinds and sizes of automatic transfer switches, contactors, timers and relays. Their largest selection of lines for HVAC parts and products make it simpler for you to pick what fits your needs best. HVAC PLUS stocks mostly the most-required HVAC motors and other supplies on our database. We care for your urgent needs and immediate interests.

HVAC PLUS has been around the resellers’ market for quite a long time now. We are renowned and recognized in resellers’ industry. Having dealt in only branded, manufacturers’ HVAC products for years now, we assure you of a satisfactory shopping experience, plus full realization of value for money. We want our customers to count on us as it comes to getting the top quality, yet best priced HVAC parts and products.

Try our Furnas controls parts of unsurpassable quality, if that’s what you seek out!

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