Erie, Siebe, TAC, Invensys, Barber Colman

Erie, Siebe, TAC, Invensys, Barber Colman

Buy Erie, Siebe, TAC, Invensys and barber Colman replacement parts from HVAC PLUS

Sustainability and efficiency are our bottom line. We take chance for a double win and this is exactly where HVAC PLUS becomes the most trusted reseller of HVAC replacement and repair parts from the manufacturing brands such as Erie, Siebe, TAC, Invensys and Barber Colman. We pride in our extensive domain expertise, which further ensures speedy delivery and no damaged product guarantee.

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Parts and solutions by Erie, Siebe, TAC, Invensys and Barber Colman


Erie is the industry spearhead in the temperature control for over 75 years now, offering highest environmental comfort in residential, industrial and commercial buildings around the world. Being one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world, Erie controls parts have been the most sought-after for their superior quality standards and clean modern designs. Erie deals in valve/actuators assemblies, damper/poptop actuators and also repair kits.

Invensys (Formerly known as Siebe Controls)

Invensys leads in the industry of engineering and information technology. Having operated in the industry since 1999 through the merger of BTR plc (first) and then Siebe plc, today its line of business is categorized into software, energy controls, appliance and industry automation. Invensys operates under the parent company named Schneider Electric, which deals in a broad line of relays including general purpose, latching, reed, sockets, solid state, time delay and many more.

Invensys is committed to offering first-rate control engineering solutions through several trusted resellers worldwide. HVAC PLUS offers low voltage products and systems, building automation and control, medium voltage distribution and grid automation, critical power, cooling and racks for residential and small businesses, industrial automation and control.  

TAC (by Schneider Electric)

TAC holds a magnificent history in dealing in building automation and management systems; security plus energy efficiency solutions. Over 80 years of remarkable service in the industry, TAC by Schneider Electric has established itself as a leader through invention and 100% customer satisfaction. TAC was acquired by Schneider Electric in the year of 2003, and in 2009, its products and services were finally migrated onto the floor of Schneider Electric. TAC deals in an extensive smart building energy solutions including building energy management system, highly protected power distribution and monitoring solutions, etc.

Barber Colman

Barber Colman is a world-leader in manufacturing HVAC replacement parts for heating and air conditioning systems. They as well manufacture actuators and valves. As of date, Barber Colman has been designing and producing the finest quality electro mechanical rotary and linear actuators, cabin/compartment auto-temperature control systems and pneumatic valves. Well, that’s not it! The manufacturer also manufactures pneumatic overheat detection systems, windshield temperature sensors, duct/cabin/outdoor air temperature sensors and DC/AC motors.

Why us: HVAC PLUS stocks an exhaustive range of electronic and mechanical replacement parts from world-leading manufacturers including Erie, TAC, Barber Colman and Schneider Electric. We take pride in our industry experience in assisting homeowners and contractors with their quality HVAC needs.