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Mcquay is a manufacturer of superior steam coils that diligently follow the Circulation Air Cooling and Air Heating Certification Program, which is based on ARI (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) standards.

In compliance with ARI standards, Mcquay steam coils are tested over a diverse range of operating conditions for reliability, energy efficiency and quality assurance. Mcquay has successfully achieved ARI certification ratings, which entails comprehensive review and subsequent approval of a manufacturer's product testing facility and includes independent product testing.

Fin Heat Transfer Effectiveness

Fin heat transfer effectiveness of a steam coils is greatly influenced by the amount of air border film that sticks to the fin surface. Border film serves as a protector of the fin and significantly reduces the heat exchange rate. Mcquay offers a superior HI-F coil design that creates a constantly turbulent environment. The turbulence is greatly effective in lessening the formation of border film.

Energy Efficiency

The ever increasing cost of energy has made it necessary to install energy efficient systems in order to reduce operating expenses. Letting the air pressure drop across the face of the steam coil is an effective way to make the system more efficient energy-wise. This decreases the horse-power of the fan brake and reduces the amount of electricity necessary for the fan motor. Since the E-F fin has a smooth surface design, it can reduce energy expenditure while increasing equipment life.

Custom Design to Fit Custom Needs

Mcquay offers alternative materials and customized structural arrangements that will meet the varying needs of its customers. Mcquay steam coils are available in a wide range of forms including:

* Long Finned Lengths

* Intermediary Tube Supports

* Diverse Fin Thicknesses and Tube Walls

* Customized Casings (aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper)

* Alternative Connection Materials (red brass, steel or copper)

* Alternative Connection Materials Offered Together (butt weld, flange, or victaulic connections)

* Coil Coatings to Electro Fin or Phenolic

Considerations for Choosing the Right Steam Coil

The process of purchasing the most appropriate steam coil to satisfy specific needs is simplified by the large selection of Mcquay products. In addition, local representatives are always available for advice when there are questions regarding special coil requirements.

The following factors should be considered when selecting the most befitting steam coil:

1) The temperature of inflowing air

2) The temperature of outward bound air

3) The operating pressures of steam

4) The Air Volume

5) The airside pressure drop reduction

6) Freeze setting

7) Installation needs that may be unique