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In most commercial and industrial settings, the property owner will need to replace or repair heat pump systems periodically over the years. Components will wear down over time, and replacing them as needed can promote the longevity of your HVAC system and improve its overall performance. Before you make a buying decision, it is important to understand how beneficial heat pumps are to your property's HVAC system and how they work. Through this understanding, you can make a more informed decision when repairing or replacing pumps in schools, hospitals or other commercial venues.

A heat pump is a component in the HVAC system that uses electricity to transfer air from one area to another. Through this process, it is an air handler component that is responsible for heating or cooling the interior of a building. It works in conjunction with an outdoor coil or indoor coil for chiller or heating needs. A more detailed explanation of how these pumps works may be in order. The indoor or outdoor coils cause the refrigerant to evaporate, and this evaporation process transfers heat and begins the condensation process. This process can be reversed as needed to control whether the interior of the building is heated or cooled. Because of this, the heat pump is crucial for both heating and cooling the property throughout the year.

The functionality of the heat pump will affect how frequently the HVAC system's motors turn on and off, and this ultimately affects the energy efficiency of the system. Modern innovations in heat pumps and coils from McQuay, a global leader in HVAC system controls and parts, promote energy efficiency through their advanced designs and features. For example, some models feature an extended coil surface, and expanded control valve and enhanced refrigerant flow for improvements to energy efficiency. Some heat pumps also feature blowers with variable speeds that can more easily accommodate factors like dirty air filters and coils without affecting performance. Copper tubing coils also are available that promote energy efficiency.

It is important to thoroughly review all of the products available when purchasing spares, replacement parts or full systems. For over six decades, McQuay has been a trusted leader in HVAC parts and equipment because of its devotion to customer service and innovation alike. The company offers numerous parts that may enhance the performance of your system, decrease the need for maintenance and promote energy efficiency for financial savings. If you need parts for hotels, office buildings, nursing homes or other buildings, take time to explore the options available through McQuay. You can place your order online and enjoy expedited shipping to your location.