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When you order McQuay indoor coil units for the HVAC system you service, you can be assured of the high quality and reliability of the evaporator coil you'll receive. McQuay is an industry leader in parts that are durable and give you performance that meets expectations.

A McQuay indoor coil will help your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible. These evaporator coils are fitted with valves that ensure the evaporation of the refrigerant for maximum heat absorption. The more effectively the gaseous refrigerant can capture heat as it cycles through the McQuay evaporator coil, the more quickly the building can be cooled. As the McQuay indoor coil gets cold, humidity in the air passing over it condenses onto it. The moisture is drained away, and the lower humidity creates a more comfortable indoor climate throughout the building. The hot gas refrigerant is then pumped back to the McQuay outdoor coil in the condensing unit where it is condensed into a liquid, shedding the heat within it. Control valves in both coils maintain the flow of the proper volume of refrigerant to maximize efficiency and optimize climate control.

HVAC contractors and facilities managers order McQuay indoor coil parts when they need to be sure the repair will be long-lasting and provide the energy-efficient performance expected. Once installed, these HVAC pros know it's necessary to keep a McQuay indoor coil clean throughout the year. A dirty coil won't collect heat as efficiently because dirt and debris on the coil surface insulates the coil. Keeping the evaporator coil clean will help control energy costs throughout the cooling season.

While indoor evaporator coils from McQuay are among its most popular products, you can also order McQuay indoor coil units for water cooling, water heating, steam and booster systems. When you need to buy McQuay indoor coil systems, you'll find a great selection of sizes, capacities and configurations to meet the requirements of your system. McQuay has been making indoor coils for more than 60 years, and the quality and innovation is seen in every model.

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