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HVAC stands for the associated utilities of Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning. This is the technology which is in relation to proving convenience in the indoor environment.

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Here are some facts which you should know about equipments:

Heating energy :

Years ago, water heating was considered the most efficient way to heat buildings however at present, forced air systems which can double its capacity have evolved and are becoming more popular. Zoned heating is an effective way to improve energy efficiency in central heating systems since this permits a more granular application of heat which is comparable to non – central heating systems. The control systems play a very important role in the maintenance of a suitable temperature.

Ventilation Energy recovery :

Energy recovery systems often make use of energy recovery ventilation or heat recovery ventilation systems. Heat exchangers or enthalpy wheels are necessary to retrieve sensible heat from exhausted air. The process involves the transportation of energy to the incoming outside fresh air.

Air conditioning energy :

Thermodynamics controls the feat of vapor compression refrigeration cycles. Rather than converting heat from one form to another which is a common misconception, air condition and heat pump equipments transports heat. Therefore thermal efficiencies do not suit the functions of these equipments. Many ways to measure performance have evolved such as the Coefficient – of – Performance and the Energy Efficiency Ration. In order to be able to measure the functionality of air conditional unit on a normal cooling season, the EER was modified. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is now more popularly used because of its reliability and accuracy.

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