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Energy management tips for your cooling and systems Energy saving without sacrificing efficiency is crucial when you plan to replace absorption type of chiller with a chiller that is mechanically driven. Chillers that are mechanically driven let you save the amount of needed to evaporate heat. You can save as much as 40% to 55% of the required amount of needed for the evaporation process inside the cooling towers when you replace your absorption chiller with an electric rotary screw or a centrifugal chiller. You can tell the difference later when you see your consumption bill and all cost associated with it as well as your sewer charges. An inefficient -cooled chiller wastes about 15,400 Btuh while the highly efficient ones wastes only 13, 500 Btuh per ton of cooling produced. A -cooled chiller with McQuay coils typically operates at given flow rate and at desired temperature to meet given building load requirement. You can lower your unit’s energy consumption and electrical demand using ice or chilled during peak time to offset peak loads.

Tankless McQuay coils are indirect heaters usually applied as residential space system for . The McQuay coils are part of the recent technology about combined space and system. The tankless coil uses a McQuay coil in the main furnace or boiler. The passes through the McQuay coil when you turn on the hot faucet. However, tankless coil proves to be more efficient during cold season when you use your system because they rely on the furnace for directly the . Indirect heaters save more energy because they utilize the heat generated by the furnace and minimize turning on and off the furnace. The well-insulated storage tank and high efficiency furnace are two of the most cost effective approach to providing hot .

Replacing your current cooling and system requires accurate selection of the new system’s efficiency rates. If you want to upgrade your and cooling system, you need to consider first the limitations of your current system, which greatly affects limitations on your choices. Thermostats, McQuay coil efficiency, and ducts provide wonderful opportunities for you to save energy consumption. The pressure drop difference between the McQuay coil and the air or flow arrangement is crucial for unit design optimization. Contact your McQuay coil agent and ask for the right unit specifications that will meet your requirements.