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The process of heating and cooling your home makes use of more energy and more money compared to other systems in the household. The usual percentage of your utility bill attributed to heating and cooling is 44%. Moreover, heating and cooling systems in US altogether annually give off a total of more than half billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, a significant contribution to global warming. 24% of the country’s sulfur dioxide and 12% of the nitrogen oxides are also produced by heating and cooling systems. These compounds are known components of the harmful acid rain. Mcquay is a company which upholds the value of environment protection. They incorporate energy efficiency in all the products the company manufactures. However, regardless of the type of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system you have in your household, the best way for you to save money and elevate convenience is proper maintenance and upgrading of your equipment.

You can maintain and upgrade your HVAC units your self or you can ask assistance from professionals such as the service provided by Mcquay. They also offer training courses, as well as manuals to help you with troubleshooting. If you have queries, you can contact a Mcquay sales representative and you will easily get your answers. Mcquay sales representatives are professionals so you are guaranteed that they have sufficient knowledge about the subject.

However you have to take note that it is not enough to simply have energy – efficient furnace to significantly affect your energy bills. You have to utilize the whole – house method. You have to supplement appropriate maintenance and upgrades with proper insulation, thermostat settings, and weatherization. This way you can successfully reduce your energy bills and your contribution to pollution by half.

The initial step of a whole – house energy efficiency method is to examine which areas of your household gets the largest share of energy. By making a home energy audit, you will easily discover these areas and find out the most practical approaches for lessening your energy expenditure. You can do the auditing your self or you can ask the services of an energy auditor to come up with a more thorough assessment.