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Unique Features of McQuay Cabinet Unit Heater:

The Mcquay cabinet unit heater features a combination of all demonstrated quality attributes of Mcquay units which include a solid – state controller and a cabinet designed with a contemporary style to satisfy the present elevating demands for alluring façade, quiet operation, verified reliability and unique convenience control in all types of buildings. Mcquay Heaters are available in two types: floor and basic. You can avail of a field installed conversion kit to offer the engineer and architect with the flexibility they need to come up with accurate system design.


- Cabinet is styled by a professional. It features clean simple lines and an alluring air discharge grille with a form similar to a bar. This can blend with any existing adornment in the room.

- A motor which is flexible. It was especially engineered to be used with the solid

– state controller. Its functionality has been thoroughly assessed.

- Low, standardized coil face velocities at lessened fan s.

- Several possible applications. They come in two unit types and seven sizes for every unit type. It is possible to have your floor unit transformed for ceiling use simply by appending ceiling conversion kit.

- Solid-state fan controller. The efficient control has a circuit which counterweighs voltage. can be varied in limitless ways. Tests prove its capacity to shift from high to low . Restrictions of one or two randomly selected have been eradicated. It can accurately reduce , control capacity and reduce sound with just one move of your fingertips.

- Circuit which compensates voltage. Mcquay offers an only one of its kind line voltage sensing circuit which allows a unit to have good control of the most possible low even if service voltage ranges from 100 – 130 volts. Instability in air movements and sound power at low which is typical when using electromechanical controllers is eradicated.

- Noise interruptions caused by radio frequency are eradicated, including those in intercoms.

- A control circuit which is distinct for its ability to reduce uniform fan .