Buy Order McQuay Expansion Valve


Mcquay is always discovering ways to increase customer satisfaction through their products and services. Among the innovations created by the company is a electronic expansion valve.

Mcquay electronic expansion valve helps you save energy and money since one of the advantages it offers is regulated refrigerant flow through the system. The electronic expansion valve controls refrigerant flow according to the unit controller input. The purpose of the controller is to stabilize liquid subcooling and suction superheat in order to achieve the most favorable performance. Another reason why it is very vital to regulate the amount of refrigerant flowing into the evaporator chiller barrel is to prevent flooding of refrigerant in the chiller barrel under low load circumstances.

It has successfully come up with the most advanced electronic expansion valve in their goal to obtain the most accurate regulation of refrigerant flow. As modern system necessitates better energy efficiency, improved temperature control, more extensive sorts of operating conditions and more innovative features such as the ability to monitor and diagnose through remote. The use of expansion valves has become more compulsory rather than just practical.

The company has produced a wide range of expansion valves. In fact, they have successfully incorporated unique features such as high resolution, brief opening and closing time, constructive shut – off function that helps get rid of the necessity of extra solenoid valve, superior linear flow capacity, and constant variation of mass flow devoid of causing pressure in the refrigerant circuit. They have also managed to produce corrosion resistant expansion valves through a stainless steel body design.

To make your expansion valve last longer and function more efficiently, it is important that you protect the tubes from foreign objects such as dust, dirt, metal filings and moisture. This will also prevent the occurrence of overheating of the valve. Regular cleaning and maintenance will avoid other complex problems in the system.

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