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The McQuay evaporator coil of an HVAC blows using the coil as medium to promote conversion of the liquefied refrigerant to gaseous state. The process absorbs the heat coming from the generated by the coil that also moves the to the condenser coil located outside. Another crucial function of the McQuay is providing the space or medium for the to circulate and mix within the area that requires cooling or heating. The performance or efficiency of the McQuay is critical to the operation and efficiency of the entire HVAC system. Adjusting the speed controls the flow rate while slow deceleration or acceleration minimizes the ductwork pressure.

Heating and cooling features integrated in single equipment is available with the McQuay Incremental® Conditioner and Heat Pump. This equipment uses the McQuay . Every single part of the Incremental® Conditioner and Heat Pump from McQuay provides all of your conditioning and heating needs through careful engineering of the product. The McQuay is a vital component of the Incremental® Conditioner and Heat Pump that contains small fans continuously providing from the coils. The that passes through the coils cools and releases the to your open space providing you with a cooler environment. Using an conditioner or heater may consume much energy than you may anticipate but utilizing a McQuay practically helps you lower your energy consumption and expense. Incremental® Conditioner and Heat Pump provides this function with the McQuay , which also gives faster cooling effect.

Insufficient flow may sometimes require replacement of motor. The restricted flow may cause overheating and cutting off the internal overload protector. The overload protector de-energizes the motor when it exceeds temperature design level rating.

solution to recurring problems:

You can prevent mechanical motor failure by executing proper preventive maintenance to your conditioning system. Learn to understand the specifications, design, and application of the . Using the motor within its specified application range allows years of satisfactory operation and lasts longer. Condensing units have sealed devices to prevent the water from entering and affecting motor shell. One should seal motors expected to operate in wet environments.