Buy Order Mcquay control board

If you find that replacing or adding parts to your HVAC equipment is necessary, Mcquay offers an extensive variety of HVAC parts to fit your specific needs.

Among the HVAC parts offered by Mcquay is the board. The company has been finding ways to create the most advanced board to contribute to the optimal performance of your system.

Mcquay always make sure that they create multi – purpose boards constructed to offer of the whole unit. They have boards that have outputs to show the status of the unit and to detect faults. They create designs that are most appropriate for heat pump applications, cooling applications and heat pump with electric heating elements.

The Multiple Unit Panel (MUCP) is a ideal for a single thermostat ling up to 3 units. Typically it is built in the unit box nearest to the thermostat. You can use two boards together if there are 6 – units that need to connected and regulated from a single thermostat. The low voltage wiring between the Mcquay thermostat and the terminal blocks agree with appropriate codes. It is recommendable to make use of a low voltage cable which is color – coded for your convenience.

This model of board should no be used together with other devices or accessories that need VDC connections to the “G”, “W1”, or “Y1” terminals just as the Boilerless System Kit. This is because this type of uses VAC relays. The multiple unit board offers the mechanisms needs to give the MicroTechIII ler and the Mack IV ler protection from electrical impairments that is possible to happen when making use of standard off – the – shelf relays. You should not also use the U – terminal feature together with the Mcquay unit board.

Primarily, the Mark IV Board is used on McQuay water source heat pumps. Mcquay offers DC and AC versions. When selecting which of the options to use, consider the year when your unit was manufactured. If you want your water sources units to operate smoothly, you just have to get these s.