Buy Order McQuay Condensor Coil

McQuay heating and cooling systems and parts are found in commercial and industrial buildings like office buildings, hotels and other commercial structures in many locations around the globe. This highly reputable HVAC company has been focused on providing quality service, equipment and parts for years, and this focus has helped it to earn its excellent standing in the industry. While the company offers excellent service for repairs and maintenance needs alike, some customers are interested in cleaning their condenser coils on their own.

The Importance of Cleaning Condenser Coils

In order to understand the importance of cleaning these coils, it is important to understand their purpose. The coil in your AC unit is used to capture heat from inside the structure and displace it outside of the structure. This process is completed through agitation and circulation of the air, and dirt and other debris can affect the ability of this air handler to work properly. When your condenser coils are dirty, they will have to work harder to agitate and circulate the air. This ultimately will result in greater energy consumption as well as decreased performance. You may notice that your energy bills rise and that your AC motors run more frequently or for longer periods of time when the coils are dirty. In addition, dirty coils may eventually result in decreased lifespan of your system and the need to replace it prematurely.

Steps to Clean Your Coils

Whether you need to clean coils in schools, hospitals, nursing homes or other facilities, you can follow the same basic steps. This process should be performed at least every two years. However, if your system is located in a warmer climate where it may be used more frequently, cleaning every year may be beneficial. First, it is important to clear away vegetation and debris around the outdoor AC condenser unit. This will promote ample airflow to the system and will decrease the likelihood of the coils becoming unnecessarily dirty with regular use. A three foot perimeter around the unit and a five foot perimeter above the unit should be cleared. Then, you will need to clean the coils. The system should be turned off, and a broom can be used to wipe away debris from the coils. Wearing protective gloves, spray a special outdoor coil cleansing solution onto the coils. Follow the usage instructions for the cleanser, and rinse the coils with water.

McQuay is your full-service source for all of your pump, chiller, spares, controls and other HVAC needs. Whether you choose to use professional repair and maintenance services or to perform these services on your own, you can count on McQuay to provide you with quality service and equipment for your heating and cooling needs.