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Understanding coils operation coils are about three to ten rows deep mostly with air temperature of 75-95°F range level. The flows in at 45°F temperature level. McQuay Roofpak Applied Rooftop System Air Handler type RAH uses state of the art water chilled coils engineered with expanded flexibility. The Mcquay coils control water flow using counter flow arrangements, which makes control of any water velocity easier. The RAH design of multiple rows as well as available fin spacing provides an ideal application and installation for McQuay coil.

Things to understand about contaminants effect to coils:

Solid contaminants from the atmosphere normally enter the cooling system towers installed at your rooftop, which promotes growth of molds and fungi within the coil. Solid contaminants could be dust, fly-ash, or any pollutants that are chloride-bearing. Chemical treatments poured into the McQuay coils control the growth of these bacteria. Water treatment maintains and keeps the efficiency of your McQuay coil and condenser water systems. Keeping the unit’s heat transfer surfaces clean prevents foul odor, pitting, and maintains temperature and energy consumption at desirable levels. However, chemical treatments also initiate copper tubing corrosion resulting to formation of pitting at the coil’s waterside. The gradual formation of pitting potentially leads to -cooling system failure. The presence of floating solids sticking to the coil’s tube forms pitting. Proper maintenance of your McQuay coils is crucial to extending the life of your coils from an average of 15 years to a maximum life of 25 years. Energy use of your McQuay coil increases with fouling. Water treatment is the most effective way to assure you of effective heat transfer. The company highly recommends periodic cleaning of McQuay coil unit waterside heat exchangers including chiller tubes to sustain efficient operation.

Waterside economizer concept:

This is an approach for buildings without mechanical cooling and would like to provide free cooling systems using cooling tower systems in an evaporative cooling process to cool air or . Another approach is using different pump and circuit that allows circulation of the cooling tower’s water through the McQuay coil inside an air-handling unit. You can easily apply the series plate and frame heat exchanger or in parallel position with the normal chillers. The waterside economizer is a cost effective alternative that gives you higher ROI.