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A blower motor manufactured by McQuay is designed to transport air through the mechanism. There are many McQuay blower motors available to attend to your individual requirements. Since the air system's size has to be consistent with the load, the blower motor size needs to be consistent with the system's air flow needs.

The gain and loss of heat are two factors that contribute to load. Other factors include the types of rooms the motor is used in, in addition to the heat that is produced by other room items, such as electronics like computers or televisions, in addition to the number of people in the building. The greatest amount of air flow is required to determine how much conditioned air is needed to satisfy the demand of the load. In cooling, there is a greater amount of air flow needed. As a result, the blower, ducts, and fans need to be the right size to allow this air flow.

Additional things to consider in making McQuay blower motors the right size include the number of times the air changes each hour as is needed by the mechanical code. Additional load is then tacked on to the system, because air coming from the outside is less than ideal. In addition, increased air conditioning is required. Blower motors made by McQuay function by transporting the air via the system, and the size of the motor needs to be parallel to the amount of air that needs to be dealt with. McQuay blower motors use horsepower ratings in sizing.


One of the normal indicators that show a blower motor is failing to function at optimum levels is heater function. If the heater does not work at reduced speeds or does not work at all, this is an important sign.

A well-functioning blower motor needs to be checked to be sure it is functioning in every mode. This needs to be tested to be sure there are no strange sounds or vibrations being produced by the motor. It is possible that foreign substances can cause issues, as can heater evaporators leaking fluid. It will be necessary to fix the leak prior to installing a replacement blower motor from McQuay.

It is important to subject your system to regular maintenance to be certain the performance is as efficient as possible. Contact an agent from McQuay to ask about their maintenance and installation offers.