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In order to properly maintain your McQuay AC unit, you must take care to keep the parts oiled regularly.


First evaluate the front part of your AC unit. You will discover there are two motors, both of which require oil. You can get to them by taking the cover off and removing the metal plate found in between the screws.

The condenser is another part of this unit that will require oiling. To get to this part, removal of the screws that keep the AC unit mounted to the wall is required. You may need another person to help you. Be certain you keep the item at an even level because a great deal of water could have collected inside.

You will recognize the motor in the back by the yellow plugs, which are small in size and envelop the holes. Take the plugs off and administer the oil in each hole six times.

As you are performing this task, it is your option to remove any obstructions that might be causing your AC unit to function less optimally. Cleaning the bottom filter is recommended. A vacuum cleaner is the preferred device for performing this task. Be certain the AC unit is unplugged before you begin if you are doing these tasks by hand.

The fan blades, which are made of plastic, can fracture and be noisy. Metal ones can be used instead; however, this replacement is only necessary if the plastic blades are broken to begin with. McQuay AC parts are sold at all their distribution centers.

In addition to making sure the AC unit is unplugged, it is also necessary to unfasten an additional plug from the AC unit's side. This plug is smaller in size. It is not required that you remove the item in its entirety. You simply must be able to reach for the components of the AC unit that require oiling. If you opt to remove it all the way, be certain that you do not place it on the fan blades or on the motor of the fan, which is found in the bottom center, because these parts damage easily. Once your McQuay AC unit has been sufficiently lubricated with oil, you will immediately find that it functions much more optimally. If you are unable to complete these tasks on your own, or if you think you will need help, feel free to put int a request to McQuay for assistance. Call your representative from McQuay for a resolution.