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Nesbitt is owned now by Mestek Inc.

Mestek is a family of manufacturing companies that provide HVAC (heating, ventilating and conditioning) and metal forming (machine tool, coil handling) .

Mestek is a large and growing multidivisional Company that holds a leadership position in the residential and commercial finned-tube heating equipment industry. It has become a major supplier of gas-fired heating equipment and is a leading manufacturer of fire, smoke, and control dampers used in the HVAC systems of office buildings, hospitals, and schools. In addition, it is rapidly building toward a leadership position as a manufacturer of coil stock handling systems for the metal stamping and forming industries.

Mestek's are built in modern manufacturing facilities located across the country. A nationwide network of aggressive, experienced sales representatives, distributors, and wholesalers keep Mestek flowing to the marketplace.

The Mestek meet the stringent performance standards of American Gas Association, Canadian Gas Association, Underwriters Laboratory, ETL, and other highly regarded industry associations. Building at this level of quality while paying attention to cost has consistently given Mestek extra appeal in the marketplace.

In the spring of 1946, as new homes and factories went up across the nation, new companies began to make to keep them warm and comfortable. An idea conceived over a lobster dinner led to the founding of Sterling Radiator Company in February 1946. In July of that year, the first lengths of finned-tube radiation were manufactured by a work force of three in a rented garage in Westfield, Massachusetts. Spurred by demand for its high quality , the company moved to larger facilities in 1947, again in 1950, and again in 1954.

In August 1955, Hurricane Diane dumped 15 inches of rain on Westfield. A railroad embankment northwest of the Sterling Radiator plant gave way, sending a 12-foot high wall of water crashing through our buildings and leaving behind four feet of mud. Dedicated employees, working 60 to 80 hours a week in two shifts, got the plant running again within ten days. The flood's impact lingered through 1956, but Mr. Reed's commitment to rebuilding his company resulted in an enlarged plant and greater efficiency.

By the mid 1960s, Sterling began to enhance its growth opportunities through strategic mergers and acquisitions which have continued to the present day. One such opportunity came in 1986 when the company, then known as Reed National, merged with a smaller company, Mestek, Inc. Mestek had recently emerged from bankruptcy, the remnants of once-great Mesta Machine Company founded in West Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1898.

For more than half a century, the unwavering leadership of John E. Reed has fueled the growth of a continually successful business. From three employees to thousands, from one product to multiple companies, from Sterling Radiator to Mestek, the organization has always sought new opportunities.

Today, Mestek is a family of over 30 specialty manufacturers providing heating, ventilating, and conditioning , coil handling equipment, extruded aluminum , and computer information systems and services. And while technology and markets have changed since 1946, the commitment to serve customer needs profitably is as important today as it was in a rented garage in Westfield.

The company has many divisions with different types of activities.

Balance, Inc. produces Fire and smoke dampers, control dampers, architectural and supply louvers for commercial applications.

therm produces a complete line of fan coils, designed and manufactured to provide high standards of durability, energy efficiency, quiet operation and indoor quality.

Alton supplies direct evaporative cooling systems for "free" cooling industrial and commercial applications. Aztec offers direct and indirect evaporative cooling systems for industrial and commercial applications

Koldware produces -cooled portable conditioners, water-cooled portable conditioners and heat pumps, water-cooled horizontal and vertical self-contained central conditioners and heat pumps, and -cooled vertical self-contained conditioners for residential, commercial, industrial and marine applications.

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