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High-quality McQuay can assist greatly with your repair job. Whether you're looking for controls, chillers, or pumps, you can find their at Even if you're not completely sure of your specifications or design problems, you can talk with highly competent customer service people about which are correct for your job.

What are the advantages that have over other manufacturer on the market? First of all, their , particularly their heating and ventilating components, tend to last longer than made by other manufacturers. Second of all, their are adaptable--you can use them in designed by other manufacturers.

They offer Solid and Dependable . If you run into mechanical troubles with your or if you want to install in multiple in your industrial complexes, you can do so without much hassle. By engineering your fixes with , you'll save time, money, and resources on repair.

If you're responsible for building maintenance, you might want to discuss repair with your technician first. Here at PLUS, you can find a tremendous diversity of air-conditioning and refrigeration components, like . We offer discounts of up to one-third on certain and components produced by other manufacturers. Browse our site today and locate what you need to fix your .

International is a leading firm that delivers unique, flexible, and innovative solutions for your commercial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning requirements. Their products are designed to last as long as the buildings they are in, and they offer service plans to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Offers solutions that can help you get the most out of your operations budget by controlling maintenance costs and protecting your equipment. Their factory trained technicians and account representatives provide pro-active solutions for any building requirement. They offer complete building services for all types of , including makes other than McQuay.

D-NetTM Performances Services is a web-based service capability that allows to monitor a Pathfinder chiller's operations. If an operational issue occurs, is immediately alerted and will work with you to resolve the issue quickly and correctly the first time. And you will receive a monthly operation summary to help you manage your building's for optimum performance.

Benefits for your bottom line and your peace of mind:

•Advance notice of potential operational issues

•Faster, pro-active response

•Precise troubleshooting for quicker issue resolution

Many of the world’s most prestigious companies depend on to deliver engineered and flexible solutions. No matter what your building type, they have the reliable products, knowledgeable applications expertise and support to meet your needs.

The company is your source for design tools and the knowledge to help you optimize your and benefit fully from the engineered flexibility of their products. Flyers provide an overview of types, including applications, pros and cons and energy considerations. Application guides provide in-depth information on the design and application of various , as well as acoustics and other design issues facing engineers.

Design Software, such as McQuayToolsTM for Engineers allows you to take maximum advantage of the engineered flexibility of equipment. Energy AnalyzerTM and Acoustic AnalyzerTM model help you determine the best for your application based on energy use, life cycle costs and acoustics. Free software downloads include pipe and duct sizing and psychrometrics.

The company understands the responsibility of managing resources across the country and is focused on bringing you the best solution for your business. They are dedicated to client education. can make custom rooftop, airhandling, and chiller equipment specific to your requirements as well.

The Factory Service team and service alliance partners can service your equipment anywhere in North America. Extended warranty contracts are available for full and labor on even the most complex equipment.

Whether you are installing, maintaining or upgrading an or refrigeration , offers a complete line of to help you get the job done right. are available through an extensive network of distributors, like

Offers these OEM :

• products

•AAF® products

•ClimateControl® products

•HermanNelson® classroom unit ventilators

•Remington® air conditioning products

•Singer® packaged terminal air conditioners

•Westinghouse® commercial air conditioning product

Representatives are knowledgeable, experienced engineers. They help you explore all alternatives – from large central chilled water plants to geothermal heat pump – to help you design and build the optimal for your building and your budget.

Daikin Pathfinder Air Cooled chillers, available in three efficiency ratings also come with optional Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), offering industry-leading part load efficiency and reduced in-rush current. These new chillers help reduce energy costs and meet sustainable goals. The first in the Daikin brand family of products that has been designed to exceed industry standards for operating efficiency and low sound levels, providing optimum operating costs and comfort throughout the life of the chiller

Daikin Magnitude™ Frictionless Centrifugal Chillers are the next generation of high performance centrifugal chillers. Model WME offer all the distinctive features that have made Model WMC the leader in its class but is now available in 400 to 570-ton models. This expanded range continues the company’s design legacy of superior efficiency, quiet operation and sustainable performance, while incorporating the best in cutting edge innovation.

The new Extended-Size Vision™ Indoor Air Handlers International is an economical alternative to installing multiple air handlers or a custom for high-cfm applications.

A new scroll compressor model of the Templifier water heater reduces both energy costs and carbon footprints.

Equipment is quiet enough for “On Air”. The Entercom Communications radio production studio meets strict noise parameters with rooftops and air handler