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Landis Staefa is recognized as one of today’s greatest HVACR control systems and components manufacturers. Their vast experience in the field dates back to 1940, the year of the company’s founding. Ever since, Landis Staefa has been a premium manufacturer of quality control valves, dampers, actuators, motorized HVACR equipment, pressure control applications and thermostats. Their line of thermostats is extremely appreciated, combining the quality of their HVACR products with the sleek design and top reliability of their parent company, Siemens.

A thermostat is your most direct way to control your household, building or commercial venue’s heating and temperature settings. These small devices, which are usually mounted on the wall, can be either manual or automatic, programmable and non-programmable. Their thermostats use high quality actuators, small devices that sense temperature changes and turn the electrical data they receive into mechanical actions, such as closing or opening dampers, control valves and so forth.

Programmable thermostats can be even preset a few values, in order to heat or chill your venue depending on what day it is. For example, if you spend your weekdays home, working, you will need heating in your household. But if you intend on going out of town in the weekend, you will want your heating system to stop working, thus saving energy. Now with a normal thermostat, this process would be quite difficult, since you would have to manually set each day’s temperature settings, but with a programmable thermostat, you can simply load a preset temperature control program and never worry about it the whole week.

Each thermostat is thoroughly tested before hitting the shelves, so you don’t need to worry about reliability, since it will always be at a guaranteed top. The thermostat section of the manufacturer’s product catalog includes both air and water thermostats, further broken down into Heating only thermostats, Heating and Cooling thermostats, Monitoring thermostats and Industrial thermostats. Their thermostats meet the current high demands for quality, reliability and outstanding functionality. They are extremely easy to install and use, and highly affordable, producing a unique price/quality overall value. With the acquisition of the company by the Siemens Group, their thermostats have been incremented with the unique and widely acclaimed Siemens design.

Landis Staefa air Heating Only thermostats can be either programmable and non programmable and can be further categorized, depending on their use and features: Their Standard Thermostats (the programmable RDE series and the non-programmable RAA and RDD series), Classic Thermostats (the RAV and REV series), their Push and Roll series (the REV series) and the Touch Screen programmable thermostats (which include models REV 100, REV 200 and REV 300).

Their water Heating Only thermostats are divided into immersion thermostats and clamp-on thermostats. Each of these categories can hold Control Thermostats (model RAK-TR for immersion thermostats and RAK-TR 1000S for clamp-on thermostats), their Thermal Reset Limit Thermostat (model RAK-TW for immersion thermostats and RAK-TW 1 for clamp-on thermostats), their Double Thermostats (combined TR/TW series, including the immersion thermostat RAZ-TW 1000P model) and other Miscellaneous models, such as the TTM and TTW immersion thermostats and the TAM clamp-on thermostats. The range of Siemens immersion and strap-on thermostats for use on the water side are high quality products offering a host of functions at an excellent price / performance ratio.

When it comes to Heating/Cooling thermostats, Landis Staefa is an excellent manufacturer. Their air heating/cooling thermostat section comprises of the REV programmable models and the non programmable RAA heating only, RAA40 and RCU heating and cooling, RAB, RCC and RDF fan coil and the RCU – VAV, VAV/CAV models. The water heating/cooling section is equally rich in products. There are three types of immersion thermostats used for heating/cooling operations: the RAK-TR 1000B control thermostat, the RAK-TW thermal reset limit thermostats and the TTM2D model. Other clamp-on thermostat models include the RAK-TR 1000S control thermostats, the RAK-TW thermal reset limit thermostat and the changeover thermostat models Z182 and Z162.

The Monitoring thermostats section includes four air models and six water models. The air monitoring thermostats are the RAK-TW 5000S Thermal limit thermostat with a liquid filled capillary, the QAF81 On/off and proportional frost protection thermostat with vapor filled capillaries, the TKM2 fire protection thermostats and the TKM2D Thermal reset limit thermostat with an adjustable switching differential. The six water models are as follows: the RAK-TW Thermal reset limit immersion thermostat, the RAK-TB limit immersion thermostat, the RAK-ST safety limit immersion thermostat, the RAZ-ST double immersion thermostat, the RAK-TW Thermal reset limit clamp-on thermostat and lastly, the RAK-TB limit clamp-on thermostat.

Last but not least, the industrial range of Landis Staefa thermostats only includes air control models. Theses are the TRG2 and the TRG22 models, the first being a single stage version, while the TRG22 is a 2-stage version thermostat. Both models have a single pole double throw output mechanism and their size differs a little, with the TRG2 model being 98 x 95 x 63 mm and the TRG22 having the following dimensions: 98 x 135 x 67 mm.

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Landis Staefa is one of the premium makers of control valves, actuators, dampers, thermostats, and other motorized HVAC components in the world. Landis Staefa was founded in 1940, giving this company decades of experience in their field. Their line of thermostats is widely recognized for its high quality, sleek design, and the reliability and recognition of Siemens, the parent company.

A thermostat is a device for controlling the temperature in a home, business, or other location. Thermostats can control the temperature of air, water, or other liquids or gases. Thermostats are usually wall mounted in buildings and can be manually adjustable, automatic, or operate by a program.

Small actuator devices in the thermostat sense fluctuations in temperature and then respond by sending an electrical signal to open and close dampers, regulate controls in other components of the system like fans and blowers, and turn on furnaces or other heating and cooling devices that maintain an even temperature in the building or system.

Programmable thermostats allow for the flexibility of controlling the temperature to a greater degree. For example, a home HVAC system can be programmed to maintain lower temperatures on days when no one is home, or when a business is closed and then to get the system going again shortly before people return. This feature can result in substantial energy savings by not heating or cooling a space when it is not needed.

Landis Staefa makes a line of air-only heating thermostats that are both programmable and non-programmable. They come in both Standard programmable RDE types and non-programmable RAA and RDD types, as well as Classic, Push and Roll, and touch screen programmable models.

Water heating thermostats are of two basic kinds: immersion and clamp-on. Landis Staefa makes model RAK-TR immersion thermostats and RAK TR 1000S models in the clamp-on variety. There are also TTM and TTW immersion types of thermostat and TAM thermostats that are clamp-on types that are made by this manufacturer.

Landis Staefa also manufactures heating/cooling types of thermostats. They also come in programmable and non-programmable models. Monitoring thermostat include four air temperature models and six water temperature types. Industrial range models of Landis Staefa thermostat are only available for air temperature control.

We carry all of these Landis Staefa thermostats as well as thermostats for other brands including Bryant, Lennox, Honeywell, and Trane to name a few. You can order Landis Staefa thermostat online from this page, or sign in for live chat to find just the right HVAC parts and components you need.