Buy Landis Staefa: Heating or Cooling Thermostat Models

The Landis Staefa Company offers you and your home a comfortable setting, with the help of their quality and reliable heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products. The manufacturer’s line of thermostats is extremely appreciated throughout the world by homeowners, HVACR technicians, engineers, commercial application owners and industrial managers. Let’s take a look at what a thermostat is, how it works and what Landis Staefa has to offer in the field of heating/cooling thermostats.

A thermostat is your most direct way to control your household, building or commercial venue’s heating and temperature settings. These small devices, which are usually mounted on the wall, can be either manual or automatic, programmable and non-programmable. The thermostats use high quality actuators, small devices that sense temperature changes and turn the electrical data they receive into mechanical actions, such as closing or opening dampers, control valves and so forth.

Programmable thermostats can be even preset a few values, in order to heat or chill your venue depending on what day it is. For example, if you spend your weekdays home, working, you will need heating in your household. But if you intend on going out of town in the weekend, you will want your heating system to stop working, thus saving energy. Now with a normal thermostat, this process would be quite difficult, since you would have to manually set each day’s temperature settings, but with a programmable thermostat, you can simply load a preset temperature control program and never worry about it the whole week.

Their line of Heating Cooling thermostats includes a varied list of models for the control of air and water. Let’s take a look at each of the thermostat models the company has to offer, focusing on their technical specifications and features. The manufacturer offers a single line of air programmable thermostats, which are used for heating only: the REV classic thermostat series. These thermostats are ideal for householders who need a classy, elegant and effective temperature control solution. They come with two types of displays, either an analogue or a digital clock. These thermostat models can be programmed for 24 hours, 7 day programs and they are extremely easy to install.

The REV programmable series’ non-programmable counterpart, is the RAA heating only series. These thermostats are usually used in order to maintain specific room temperatures. They are extremely user-friendly and easily configurable, offering a simple yet intuitive design, which provides for a quick and easy installation process.

The non-programmable heating/cooling thermostat product line coming from the company, continues with the RAA40 and RCU series. The RCU models can be used for a combined control of heating and cooling and they can be used in either household venues, buildings, commercial applications and industrial environments, giving these models a complete adaptability. They have versatile outputs and offer an energy-saving solution that will help you cut your bill a few more dollars.

When it comes to air fan coil non-programmable thermostats, Landis Staefa offers quite an impressive list of models. The RAB, RCC and RDF thermostats are designed for heating and cooling with fan coil units, in order to maintain the selected room temperature. The RAB model offers a two-position controller with a two-wire connection and it offers the possibility to select the fan speed, directly from the thermostat’s front side. RCC models offer advanced microprocessor-controlled room temperature settings for fan coil applications and they have an automatic changeover system that jumps from heating to cooling in a few seconds. The RDF models offer an LCD display that makes it a lot easier to configure the thermostat and you can even see the data on the screen in low-light conditions.

Water heating/cooling thermostats come in two categories: immersion thermostats and clamp-on thermostats. Usually, models from a series come in either of the two versions, except for the water changeover thermostats, which only come as clamp-on models. Control thermostats are found in both immersion (the RAK-TR 1000B) and clamp-on (RAK-TR 1000S) models. These thermostats use an external scale with a single changeover contact. Both models offer a combined immersion and strap-on thermostat in a single unit, making them extremely useful.

The RAK-TW, thermal reset limit thermostats can be either immersion or clamp-on models, although the difference is not that big. Both models offer and internal scaling system, a single changeover contract and a liquid expansion sensor. The RAK-TW models have a thermal switching differential of 6 K and a switching capacity of 1-2:10 (2.5) A, AC 24...250 V.

Last but not least, their clamp-on changeover series includes the following thermostat models: the Landis Staefa Z162 and the Z182. The Z162 model is a controller used for changeover operating actions regarding heating and cooling, depending on the temperature of the flow. They offer a switching capacity of AC 240 V and 10 A. The Z182 model has a 1-3 closed cooling mode, a 1-2 closed heating mode and a switching differential of 8K, while offering a switching capacity of AC 230 V and 10 A.

So if you want to order any of the above mentioned Landis Staefa heating/cooling thermostats (or other HVACR components, tools, accessories and products coming from the manufacturer), you can do so directly through our site, using our easy, comfortable time and cost effective online ordering system. HVAC Plus is a premium distributor and wholesaler of their parts, and we pride ourselves to be able to get any of the manufacturer’s component on time and without a wrangled price for you. Since we are located in the heart of the HVACR industry and community, Houston Texas, we guarantee that you will get your required parts in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

The Landis Staefa series of heating and cooling thermostat models is quite extensive. The company's heating and cooling thermostats include models for the control of both air and water.

Landis Staefa REV classic thermostats

This is the company's line of air-programmable thermostats that are used strictly for heating applications. Both analog and digital displays are available. These easy-to-install models offer 24/7 programming. Settings for the whole week can be easily managed. Set temperatures to one level over the weekend when the family will be on a road trip. Program a warmer period around dinner time when the family is gathered together. Your settings can closely parallel your family's lifestyle, thereby increasing both comfort and energy savings.

Landis Staefa RAA non-programmable thermostats

These inexpensive and yet reliable thermostats will maintain a specific room temperature. They are very easy to install, and they feature an intuitive interface.

Landis Staefa RA40 and RCU non-programmable thermostats

The RCU series is used for combined control of both heating and cooling. This model is used in homes, office buildings, industrial facilities, etc. The RCU series offers a versatile array of outputs. These thermostats are also quite energy-efficient.

Landis Staefa air fan coil non-programmable thermostats

This line of thermostats includes the RDF, RAB, and RCC models. They work in conjunction with fan coil units to adjust heating and cooling to maintain the selected room temperature. The RAB model includes a two-speed controller with a two-wire connection. Fan speed can be easily selected independent of temperature.

The RCC model offers advanced microprocessor controls that precisely maintain desired temperature settings. This model can switch from heating to cooling within a few seconds. The RDF thermostat offers an easy-to-read LCD display. It is easy to configure, even in low-light situations.

Landis Staefa water heating/cooling thermostats

This type of thermostat is offered by Landis Staefa as both immersion and clamp-on models. Water changeover thermostats appear only as clamp-on types. Control thermostats are available as immersion (RAK-TR 1000B) and clamp-on (RAK-TR 1000S) models. Both styles use a single changeover contact and an external scale.

Landis Staefa thermal reset limit thermostats

The RAK-TW is available in both immersion and clamp-on designs. Both types offer an internal scaling system, a liquid expansion sensor, and a single changeover contact. They have a thermal switching differential of 6K.

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