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With a history that stretches back to the year 1896, Landis Staefa has emerged as one of today’s top HVACR control manufacturers and is highly regarded in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration community all over the world. HVACR technicians, engineers, contractors, wholesalers and end-users all find the their product line to be one of the best they can find on the market.

The roots of the company can be traced to 1896, in Zug, Switzerland. There, engineer Richard Theiler formed the Theiler & Co. Electromechanical Institute, a company that focused on the manufacturing of single-phase induction meters. 8 years later, in 1904, Heinrich Landis, a brilliant inventor and a highly technical mind, joins Richard Theiler as a partner and one year later, their company changes the name to “Landis & Gyr”, with the arrival of Dr. Karl Heinrich Gyr to the board of leaders. The company had over 35 employees and produced 3600 components per year.

Later in the twentieth century, in a different part of Switzerland, namely Staefa, located near Zurich, Ernst Wild establishes the Staefa Control System and launches the first electronic control loop with a modulating magnetic valve in Europe and handles development for HVAC equipment, for the control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The company of today was the result of the merger of the two, already established companies, in 1996. In 1998, two years after the merger, the company is acquired by the Siemens Group and becomes one of Siemens Building Technologies divisions, along with Cerberus, Facility Management and Contract Business.

Now, Landis Staefa offers a great variety of HVACR-related services and products. They offer building solutions for healthcare institutes, educational facilities, governmental agencies, hotels, industry buildings, small or large offices, pharmaceutical institutions, private homes and public buildings. They offer OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) state-of-the-art products and excellent partnership options. The list of Landis Staefa products includes a large array of valves, actuators, dampers, standard control options, thermostats, thermocouples, sensors, control panels and other heating, ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning components.

The selection of control valves are separated into three groups, categorized for their usage. The first category includes control valves for main HVAC plants, which include powerful electro hydraulic actuators that are best suited for the control of large volumetric flows and high differential pressure devices. Second, Landis Staefa offers control valves for households and for room temperature zoning.

These valves offer the possibility to control the temperature in each of your household’s rooms and bring forth a new, innovative and original technology: the Mini Combi Valve, which is a device used for automatic balancing that is the ideal answer for radiator installations. Lastly, the third category from their valve product line, includes valves that are used for refrigerants and the control of refrigerant flow. These models offer hermetically sealed MVL control and are especially suitable for chiller applications. This valve range covers hot-gas bypass, suction control as well as expansion control applications.

The list of damper actuators includes two types of actuators: rotary actuators that use the OpenAir technology and include the following models: the GCA, the GIB, the GBB the GLB, the GDB, the GMA and the GEB models. The second line of actuators is the linear actuators series, which includes the following models: the Landis Staefa GBB Linear Actuator, the GEB Linear Actuator, the GLB Linear Actuator and the GDB Linear Actuator.

The thermostat section of the product catalog includes both air and water thermostats, further broken down into Heating only thermostats, Heating and Cooling thermostats, Monitoring thermostats and Industrial thermostats. Their thermostats meet the current high demands for quality, reliability and outstanding functionality. They are extremely easy to install and use, and highly affordable, producing a unique price/quality overall value. With the acquisition of the company by the Siemens Group, their thermostats have been incremented with the unique and widely acclaimed Siemens design.

The sensors line of products is set under the Symaro technology trademark. The Symaro™ is a new range of sensors coming from the manufacturer, which simplifies and standardizes the use and installation of sensors in the most innovative way. Landis Staefa sensors include solutions for temperature sensing, humidity sensing, air quality sensing, pressure sensing and the Symaro X line of sensors, which are designed for special applications like solar sensors, gas temperature sensors, air velocity sensors or flow switches.

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Landis Staefa is unmistakably one of the leading HVACR companies in the world. Manufacturing quality controls, they are well respected in the global air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and ventilation communities. Their stellar history reaches all the way back to 1896 when the company was first founded. Today engineers, contractors, technicians, and end-users all consider Landis Straefa products the best the market has to offer.

In 1896, Richard Theiler formed a brand new company, Theiler & Co. Electromechanical Institute. The institute was built in Zug, Switzerland and concentrated on single phase induction meter manufacturing. After eight years Heinrich Landis became a partner, changing the company name to Landis and Gyr.

Several years later, in Straefa, Switzerland, Ernst Wild founded the Straefa Control System, initiating the world's first electronic control loop which modulated a magnetically charged valve. Located in Europe, his system managed development for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controls. Landis Straefa, as it is known today, is the end state of a 1996 merger between the two companies. Two years after that, Siemens Group acquired the business, making it the newest addition to the Siemens Building technologies division.

Landis Straefa offers a vast assortment of HVACR products and services. Educational facilities, healthcare institutions, government agencies, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, private homes, small and large offices, and public buildings all utilize Landis Straefa building solutions. Their partnerships opportunities are exceptional. Their products are stat-of-the-art, from valves, dampers, actuators, and standard control options to thermostats, thermocouples, control panels, sensors, and other HVAC components.

Divided into three usage categories, Landis Straefa control valves are top notch. One category contains valves used mainly within HVAC plants. These plants run large equipment such as high-powered electro hydraulic actuators designed to control large flow volume and pressure devices with high differentials.

Another category includes household valves which control zoning for room temperatures. This means Landis Straefa allows you to control the room temperatures in a house individually. To provide this solution, the Mini Combi Valve was developed. Designed specifically for automatic radiator install balancing, the valve is a remarkable and innovative new technology.

The final category of valves involves those used to control the flow of refrigerants. With MVL controls that have been hermetically sealed, these models are typically used for chiller applications. Bypasses for hot gas, expansion control, and suction control applications are also well within the range of these valves.

Landis Straefa provides a host of other products as well, such as rotary and linear actuators, air and water thermostats, and a sensors line which falls beneath the Symaro technology trademark.