Buy Landis Staefa Controls

Landis Staefa Controls, a subsidiary of Siemens Building Technologies, has long been one of the major manufacturers of HVAC control systems. In 1996, the company was founded in the wake of a merger between Staefa Control Systems and Landis & Gyr, two of the pioneering companies in the field. Two years later, the company was acquired by the Siemens Group and has been under their supervision ever since.

Presently, Landis Staefa Controls is the worldwide leader in the industrial HVAC manufacturing business. The highly sought after controls are some of the most lauded in the industry, and can be found in a variety of industrial applications such as healthcare facilities, government buildings, a wide array of office buildings, industrial complexes, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Moreover, Landis Staefa Controls provides a large variety of products for use in HVAC control projects as well as heating and air conditioning utilities. This line of products includes commonly used items such as thermocouples, dampers, actuators, valves, sensors, thermostats, and an assortment of control panels for regulating temperature. Whether your needs are refrigeration, ventilation, heating or air conditioning, Landis Staefa Controls specializes in the production of high quality HVAC control systems. The industrial grade damper actuators can be split into 2 types, linear and rotary, which both utilize Open Air Technology and meet the highest standards of quality as specified in the HVAC controls industry.

The thermostats used in an assortment of industrial HVAC control systems are also a key product in Landis Staefa Controls' extensive catalog. The highly sought after products are second only to the HVAC control systems. Offering both water and air thermostats, Landis Staefa Controls provides thermostats that are widely used in both industrial heating and cooling, even in areas where strict environmental control is demanded by the region.

However, the most notable products in the Landis Staefa Controls catalog are the premium valves and actuators utilized in a panoply of various heating and air conditioning applications. These valves and actuators have brought international acclaim to the Landis Staefa brand for being assiduous in their value and quality. Employed in a multitude of HVAC air conditioning and heating systems, the valves and actuators offered by Landis Staefa Controls are widely purported to be the best on the market today.

If your project requires the best HVAC control products on the market, look no further than Landis Staefa Controls. The premium replacement parts, thermostats, and full HVAC systems, form an extensive catalog that meets all your heating and air conditioning needs. A leader in the HVAC control market, Landis Staefa provides the ultimate in quality and reliability while still maintaining an affordable price.