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With over 80 years experience in the field, really puts the “H” in (, ventilation and air conditioning). have been well known to produce outstanding results, high quality performances and top reliability ratings, although they come at an effective cost. One of their favorite markets, the industry, gave back numerous acclaims and awards to the manufacturer, Inc emerging as one of the industry leaders regarding systems, heat pumps, boilers and so forth.

Inc provides three types of , designed for use in home, commercial or industrial applications. are used in gas-fired operations and can withstand up to 400,000 Btu per hour. They are built for intermittent pilot, hot surface and direct spark. The second line of coming from the company is the manufacturer’s . These are designed so that they will fit almost all pilot burners. They come in a large array of lengths and styles, letting you choose from the thermocouple that fits your system best and the one that you have enough room for. Last but not least, twining provide the operation of a system that uses parallel furnaces in a common duct system, including cooling and manual fan functions.

Inc Product Line

The product catalog includes the following models: G600 , the G670 , the G770 , the G775 , the G600 Replacement Intermittent , the G670 Intermittent Plug , the G67 Intermittent Plug , the G72x Direct Spark , the G73x Intermittent Pilot , the G76x Replacement Direct Spark , the G776 Replacement Intermittent Pilot , the G779 Universal Replacement Intermittent Pilot and the G861 Integrated Function Direct Spark .


have three that stood out of the crowd and that are used heavily around the world, in commercial and industrial settings.

  • K15 Standard BASO Thermocouple: The first of these three is the K15 Standard BASO Thermocouple, which is designed for use with an system that uses a standing pilot. They are mostly used in combination with the BASO pilot burners and pilot . The has standard and snap-in , the latter allowing a faster and easier assembly process. The K15WS model is supplied with some additional features and fittings, being directed especially for wholesalers.
  • K16 “Husky” High Performance : The second thermocouple that have made the manufacturer famous, the K16 “Husky” High Performance are HDHP (heavy duty, high performance) , which can provide a much higher thermal output for commercial, industrial and even residential applications. This also consists of a few distinct models, such as the K16BT standard , the K16FA models that add junction block leads to the thermocouple, the K16RA, a nickel-plated thermocouple that can withstand the harshest of environments and lastly, the K16WT models, which, just like the K15 models, are designed for wholesalers and have a few additional fittings.
  • K19 “Super Slim Jim” Universal Replacement Thermocouple: The last of coming from is the K19 “Super Slim Jim” Universal Replacement Thermocouple. Theses components are designed for use with either G or H BASO valves, BASOID or BASOTROL valves that feature an automatic pilot. The can also be combined with other manufacturer’s , as long as these have an automatic pilot valve and their power unit connector is similar to that used by the BASO .

Inc Twinning

The company’s Twinning provide the constant and efficient operation of a common duct system consisting of parallel furnaces. The manufacturer offers two models:

  • The Y99AL Fan / LED Sensor twinning
  • The Y88FB twinning .

You can find all specifications on , and twinning systems by giving us call. You will be able to find a complete and practical description of each of the above mentioned and you will also be able to find a list of accessories that might be useful for your system, whether you’re a OEM, a contractor, a technician or a system administrator.


Whatever product you need, Gas most likely has the best model on the market. Buying a product from a certified and time tested company like Inc can never be a risky shot, since all of their are tuned for high performance, high quality, reliability and efficiency, while their cost is extremely advantageous. If you’re looking for reliable , efficient twinning systems or an , look no further than.

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