Buy Johnson Controls Company History

Johnson Control Inc history starts with the year 1885, when the Johnson Electric Service Company was founded by a group of investors lead by Warren S. Johnson. Johnson Control Inc was based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they primarily focused on the manufacturing, installation and servicing of temperature regulation systems used in buildings and facilities. Later on they started focusing on automotive engines and SLI batteries and HVAC systems and components for use in home, commercial or industrial applications.

Johnson Control Company History

Johnson Control Inc started today's building control industry, when Professor Warren S. Johnson patented his first electric room thermostat, which is roughly the grandfather of today's multifunctional, automated thermostats. Remaining the leader of the HVAC controls industry, Johnson Control Inc designed the first building control, dedicated mini-computer, called the JC80. This mini computer provided faster and more reliable building HVAC system control and meant a great leap in the thermo control industry.

Nowadays, when Johnson Control Inc has expanded in over 150 countries, we can truly state that they are today's leading heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems provider. Over 200 offices throughout the world make Johnson Controls a multi-national, culturally embracing company. Johnson Control Inc has earned a lot of experience in HVAC building and institutional systems, working with hospitals, schools, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings, government and other facilities. A large list of heavy names comprises the Johnson Control company’s testimonials page, names of internationally renowned commercial companies, government institutions based in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe and other non-governmental institutions, agencies and organizations.

Ever since Johnson Control Inc founding in 1885, the company has been a leading manufacturer, service provider and installer of HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) controls and systems. As a global leader in the HVACR controls industry, the Johnson Control company is a single source for a large variety of different products, tools, accessories and system components, including: electronic, electromechanical and pneumatic Johnson Controls controller products and all types of sensors.

Johnson Control Inc Service Development Areas include:

  • Circuit Board Repairs
  • Circuit Board Replacement Parts
  • Construction
  • Energy Management
  • Environment Handling
  • Facility Management
  • Facility Services
  • Result Oriented Services
  • Self Maintainer Programs
  • System Integration Services

Each service is fully compatible with other HVAC systems your building might be handling, regardless of the manufacturer or manufacturers that you acquired it from. The building system integration service actually focuses on integrating their controls systems or components to diverse HVAC building automation systems, regardless of their manufacturer. For example, if you own a multi-vendor building automation system, Johnson Control’s Systems Integration Service will protect your original building automation system investment and enhance it with the latest technology, allowing you to safely maintain and use your existing system throughout the process. When it comes to control products, Johnson Control Inc is an outstanding provider for HVAC engineers, HVAC OEM’s, HVAC contractors and HVAC home users.

Johnson Control Inc Product Line

Their product range includes:

  • Metasys Building Management System
  • Johnson Controls Control Panels
  • Johnson Control Consoles
  • Johnson Controls Instrumentation Panels
  • Johnson Control Actuators
  • Johnson Control Dampers
  • Johnson Fire Protection Systems
  • Johnson Heating Products
  • Johnson Safety And Security Products
  • Johnson Lighting Products
  • Johnson Personal Environments
  • Johnson Refrigeration Controls
  • Johnson Control Sensors
  • Johnson Electronic Controls
  • Johnson Controls Temperature Control
  • Johnson Controls Thermostat Products
  • Johnson Controls Motor Systems
  • Johnson Controls Valves
  • Johnson Ariable Speed Drives
  • Johnson Wireless Solutions

All these products have found use in home, commercial and industrial HVAC systems all over the world, being acclaimed by international agencies.

Johnson Control Inc –Certifications and Awards

Besides, the ISO 9000 certification that the company holds (as they meet all the requirements needed to be a certified HVAC company). Johnson Control Inc has won numerous awards for their outstanding results in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Award for Top Manufacturing Company of 2005

One of the latest awards received by Johnson Control Company is from the prestigious Industry Week magazine, which the company one of the top manufacturing companies of 2005. The Johnson Control company received this award because of the excellent yearly revenue of $26,553 millions and the 3.08 profit margin it produced in 2005. Johnson Control Inc is truly a mammoth in the HVAC industry, dealing with such numbers, thus you can be assured their professionalism and service or product reliability are at the top of the industry’s standards.

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