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Johnson Inc is a premium manufacturer of equipment, making a firm stand in the HVAC market ever since its foundation in 1885. products are used in millions of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems through out the world, in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Australia and many other European, American and Asian countries.

One of the markets where the Inc is still an industry leader is in valves and s.can be standard valves, motorized valves, ball valves, solenoid valves, needle or thermostatic expansion valves. are used to the flow of heating, air and ventilation and refrigeration liquids in a HVAC system and they are powered by the . is a component that is attached to the valve and its main purpose is to “translate” the electrical signals it receives, into mechanical actions. may be used to flow valves, pumps, positioning drives, switches, relays, motors and heat pumps, pneumatic pumps and meters.


Inc has been producing, manufacturing and shipping millions of over the years. Their large variety of and their high quality, high performance, long life span and cost-effective price has made the Inc company's line of one of the most sought-after in the HVAC industry. Combining these with a valve or a damper will give you even better results, making your heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration system more reliable and efficient and it will dramatically reduce the number of breakdowns it will suffer.

are divided into two :

  • M9000 : the M9000 consists of direct mount electric . The M9000 is further divided into he M9100 non- and the M9200 .
  • M100 : the M100 contains models that are remote mount electric . The M100 is further divided into the M100 non and the M100 .

M9100 Direct Mount Non

The includes the following models, the parentheses holding their weight and Nm setting: M9104 (35 , 4Nm), M9106 (53 , 6Nm), M9108 (70 , 8Nm), M9109 (80 , 9Nm), M9116 (140 , 16Nm), M9124 (210 , 24Nm), M9124 Tandem (420 , 48Nm), M9132 (280 , 32Nm) and the M9132 (560 , 64Nm).

M9200 Direct Mount

They feature some unique characteristics that make them an outstanding component to have in any valve system. Their Auto Calibration feature and microprocessor-based temperature system, providing bi-directional makes them extremely easy to use and install, while maintaining top of the line performance and reliability. The M9200 holds the following models: the M9206 (53 , 6Nm), M9216 (140 , 16Nm) and the M9216 Tandem (280 , 32Nm).


Their M100 remote mount are known as the “industry workhorse”. This nickname was given to them because of their large use in industrial systems and their excellent combination of high quality performance and application flexibility. Here are some of the non- models from the M100 : the M120 non (35 , 4Nm), the M140 non (75 , 8.5Nm), the M150 non (150 , 17Nm), the M100M Proportional non and the M100J Proportional, Three-wire Resistive .

The M100 consists of the following models: the M110 (25 , 2.8 Nm), the M130 (50 , 5.7 Nm), the M100M Proportional , the M100J Proportional, Three-wire Resistive and the M100E Economizer .

If, you need technical details for some of the models coming from their company, you can give us a call. You will find a list of all the models and a lot of technical details that you might find extremely useful. Besides , you can also view specific accessories, like weather cover kits, electronic board kits, weather shield enclosures, auxiliary switches, potentiometer kits, valve linkage kits or crank arm mountings.

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