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Invensys Climate Controls Americas provides quality products and services to HVAC, Refrigeration, safety, Water Heating, Food Equipment and Transportation industries across residential and commercial markets around the globe.

Invensys Controls

They manufacture a vast array of Invensys controls and products encompassing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, thermostats, Invensys control valves, actuators, zone controls, timers, electronic components, as well as commercial and building Invensys control systems that are marketed under leading brands such as Firex, Robertshaw controls, Ranco, Paragon, Invensys Controls, Com-Trol, DuraDrive, Erie controls, I/A Series and Enerstat. These Invensys Controls products are sold and distributed throughout a variety of channels in over 40 different countries, including 33 manufacturing sites, 2 distribution centers, and 7 engineering centers.

Invensys Building Systems, formerly Siebe Environmental Controls, manufactures temperature control products and intelligent automation systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in North America and around the world.

Invensys Controls encompasses a variety of products including the following:

  • Flow control valves
  • Climate controls
  • Control valves
  • Control systems
  • Boiler controls
  • Thermostat controls
  • Central heating controls
  • Commercial Refrigeration Defrost Controls
  • Cold Controls
  • Temporary Cold Control
  • Cold Controls Canadian Models
  • Electronic Refrigeration Control
  • ETC Commercial Temperature Controls
  • Temperature Controls
  • Pressure Temperature Controls
  • Lube Oil Controls
  • Room Air Conditioner Controls
  • Ice Machine Controls
  • Water Cooler Controls
  • Heat Pump Controls
  • Gas ignition controls
  • Electronic fan controls
  • Governor control

Invensys Building Systems manufactures over 13,000 individual products at their modern ISO 9001 certified engineering facility in Richmond, Virginia and their engineering and manufacturing facility in Loves Park, Illinois. The ability to meet high volume and OEM requirements or low volume specialty production, in a total quality environment, distinguishes Invensys Buildings Systems' advanced manufacturing capabilities from their competitors.

With over 200 years of Barber-Colman Environmental Controls and Robertshaw Control Systems expertise, Invensys Buildings Systems is a leader in the HVAC industry; Invensys Controls carries one of the largest selections of building controls in the world.

Invensys Controls’ list of switches and lights include Infinite Heat Switch, Laundry Switches, Pressure Switches, Water Level Pressure Switches, Electric Timers - 24 Hour Time Switches, Electric Timers - 7 Day Time Switches, differential pressure switches, pneumatic switch, pressure switch, Air Pressure Sensing Switches, Air Pressure Sensing Switches – French, Gas Flame Switches, Vibration Switches Refrigeration Service Parts, and Vibration Switches.

A few products manufactured by Invensys Controls are listed below.

  • Invensys company sensors
  • Motor actuator
  • Temperature indicators
  • Temperature controls
  • Process controllers
  • 2-Position Converter
  • Limit Controller
  • Slide Wire
  • Connecting Pin
  • Power Head

Other Invensys Controls products include damper motor, control box, controls thermocouples, company valves, company controllers, company actuators, company motors, actuator emp, valve actuator, valve part numbers, valve parts, valve repair kits, valves temperature controls, valves sensors, calibrating thermostat, damper, damper actuators, Siebe parts, hydronic, ignitors, relays, remote, remote temperature, replacement products, governor controller, thermocouple wire, ball joint, valve bracket, bracket nut, diaphragm, duct sensor, electronic outdoor temp sensor, temperature sensor, room sensor, enclosed fan relays, potential relays, transformers, thermocouples and pilots, replacement controls and components.

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